The Nokia 5 Plus
The Nokia 5 Plus

Much has been talked about the supposed Nokia 5 Plus, the older brother of the Nokia 5 recently renovated that has a design almost traced to the Nokia X6. Just this weekend we saw how its design came to light through several renders that seemed to be official. After the certification in the FCC organism, the arrival of nothing more and nothing less than four versions of RAM and storage is confirmed.

Some rumors suggest that this will be the international version of the aforementioned X6, which could reach the European, American and Latin American markets in the coming weeks.

The Nokia 5 Plus will have Dual SIM and Single SIM version with several RAM and storage options

Nokia is being one of the main protagonists these days of June. The so-called Nokia 5 Plus is a blame for this, a terminal that is already known almost all the details, such as the design or part of its characteristics. Now a new filtration reveals all its versions of storage and RAM.

As you can see in the image above, four versions would reach the market of the Nokia 5.1 Plus. Specifically, we find a version of 2 and 16 GB of RAM and storage Dual SIM and Single SIM and another of 3 and 32 GB with the same configuration of SIM as the most contained model. In the same image you can see that the phone will be compatible with the different 4G bands, so it is expected that these versions will arrive in Europe, and more specifically in Spain. Recall that the Nokia X6 has been limited to the Asian market, with sales in some countries such as China. Regarding its specifications, it is expected to have the same as the X6.

  Xiaomi will present new products in Mexico

At the moment the brand has not announced any date of presentation. However, taking into account the pace of rumors and leaks about the aforementioned model, it is most likely to arrive sooner rather than later through a dedicated event, in the same way as the Nokia X6.

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