Sony Xperia Android One
Sony Xperia Android One

Since the beginning of the Android era, manufacturers have implemented their own system modifications to make it recognizable at a glance and identify it as one of the strengths of the software of these phones. After so many years, there are many layers of customization that we have seen, such as Touckwiz (now Samsung Experience), HTC Sense, MIUI, EMUI and many others that change the design and add new features to the system. One of the least intrusive layers has always been the Sony Xperia, although after its update to material design with Android Marshmallow this layer was even more similar to Android stock and today, a news has surprised us very pleasantly, Xperia Home the closing.

It is not that we are happy that Sony’s customization layer is abandoning its development because we believe that they will no longer manufacture terminals, much less. On the contrary, we are very happy with Sony’s decision in this regard, as it may be a sign that Sony will dare to launch all its new terminals with the Android offered by Google, although Sony Xperia terminals will not be abandoned. They have Xperia Home.

Sony Xperia leave Xperia Home indefinitely

While the personalization layer of Sony (Xperia Home), was quite similar to Android stock, it is never the same, Android without retouching always offers a better user experience in terms of fluidity and stability. Sony may have noticed this and that in the latest release of Erika Prymus, one of the moderators of the Xperia Home Open Beta forum on Google+, where she communicates some details of the latest system update and the following message:

A business decision has been made on our launcher, Xperia Home should enter a maintenance phase.

This means that no more functions will be added, but maintenance will continue as long as necessary. As a result of this, the Xperia Home Beta community will be closed in the coming weeks.

We want to thank everyone for making Xperia Home a great experience for everyone and for the excellent feedbak, suggestions of functions and discussions in this community. It has been very useful and we really appreciate your feedback.

We hope you understand.

We believe that the thing is quite clear: Xperia Home closes unexpectedly and indefinitely and may be one of the best decisions that Sony has taken in recent years. During the past year and the beginning of this, we have seen how many terminals have come on the market with Android One as an operating system, a version that guarantees two years of updates and that also has no changes to the Android offered by Google.

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What do we mean by this? We would love to see how Sony includes Android One in all its new devices from now on, because although it is one of the brands with the best update policy, nothing in that sense exceeds Google itself and Android One would bring them closer little more at that level . The other option, which we do not see as viable, is the creation of a new layer of personalization, but seeing the path they have followed for years, it would end up being too similar to Xperia Home and we believe that Android One would be a better alternative.

As for the terminals that have Xperia Home since its launch, the brand is not abandoning them, on the contrary, they will continue updating them until their life ends in this sense, although they will not be provided with new features more than their own that will include the new versions of Android. Now we can only wait to see what kind of public announcement does Sony or see what kind of software uses your next phone, but for our part, we fully support the brand in such a big decision if they finally choose Android One on their phones.

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