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Languages ​​and digital skills will facilitate the labor jump between countries and emerging markets
  • The globalization and proximity caused by the digital era allow us to expand our professional development to a labor market without borders.
  • We show you some of the careers and studies related to this new context and very useful for the new challenges that we face.
  • Digital skills and language skills are very useful knowledge that will allow you to adapt to change and unlimited work opportunities.

The digital age and connectivity have overcome many physical barriers and democratized many aspects, such as education or professional skills.

We move in a globalized and very competitive world, but we also have access to more job opportunities and develop knowledge or skills that add a differential value and allow us to better adapt to change.

Although the new challenges may cause a certain abyss, globalization also favors career development related to this context. That is, you can take advantage of many training and employment opportunities with which to be part of this global system and with it, develop professional profiles of great use in any market or place in the world.


The usefulness of technical and technological knowledge shows that these types of careers are related to a globalized world.

This type of professionals are the ones who are leading the technological innovation and the large-scale implementation of new resources, such as  Artificial Intelligence,  Robotics or Big Data.

Along with them, professionals in Mathematics and Physics are the most willing to offer solutions to new challenges.

Telecommunications and ICT

ICTs govern any business, commercial activity or economic relationship.

The possibilities of digital devices, mobile applications, wearables and digital sales and purchase channels are related to all markets, countries and types of society.

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Digital marketing

It is the field that has most revolutionized with the arrival of the digital era and the globalization of markets and communications, thanks to social networks and connectivity.

Creativity, strategic skills and mastery of technological tools to offer new services are a constant in this field, as well as the emergence of new professional profiles with high labor demand.

Finance and investment

Professional roles such as the Compliance Officer, internal auditors or advisors are fundamental in the financial teams of all companies.

Human Resources

The retention and development of talent and leadership are the new challenges of large corporations and the system that is marking the labor market among the large business and technology groups that operate globally.

Being an expert in attracting talent, enhancing the skills of the staff professionals and guiding them towards the corporate culture is the purpose of companies present in all markets.

Competencies for the globalized world


Master English at a professional level and complete it with another language.
Chinese or Hindi is a good choice for technological and commercial profiles.
Training abroad is the best way to develop a global professional profile.


Postgraduate training is vital to improve your profession and specialize in a field in your sector.
Technology facilitates continuous training and innovative topics.

3Soft skills

Teamwork and emotional intelligence are qualities that will help you to face any context and have better adaptation to change.

5Career path

Be independent, enterprising or as part of large teams, choose projects that pose a challenge and allow you to improve your capacity for adaptability and innovation.

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