The most searched words in Wikipedia
The most searched words in Wikipedia

In Antiquity, back in the third century or so, the Library of Alexandria was the greatest temple to the knowledge of the world. An immense amount of texts dealing with all kinds of subjects was kept within its walls. It was paradise for any scholar who wanted to discover what the world around him was (or how he thought he was).

Much has changed since the fire volatilized the mountains of papyri that were hidden there and even the knowledge itself has undergone many changes since then. The Middle Ages was a time of closure for knowledge and the efforts to keep it under control and under lock and key meant a return to the past. But the human being is curious by nature and rarely remains quiet. The Humanism and Enlightenment returned to know the place of honor it deserves and it was just the beginning.

That inalienable principle to the human race for which knowledge should be available to all was taken to the extreme with the arrival of the Internet. That primitive ARPANET that aimed to connect scientists and researchers so that they could share their research quickly evolved thanks to some ‘hairy hippies’ who believed in freedom and in that new world that was about to emerge should be for everyone. The same principles shared Wikipedia, one of the most relevant Internet portals; a Library of modern Alexandria.

Wikipedia is a project of free dissemination of information that has grown from the efforts of thousands and thousands of users: they have written the articles, translated them into other languages ​​and expanded or corrected them as appropriate. The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation has a bank of images, data or books that anyone can access without almost any restriction and that seek to highlight the collaborative nature of the web. The prejudices that existed in its early years that qualified it as a portal in which anyone could write without trial or harm is disappearing and the Wiki community is getting bigger and more professional in the quality control of what is published.

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Encyclopedias, specialized books, biographies and practically any type of information can be found with a couple of clicks. As if it were a Sergio Leone movie, these are ‘The Most Wanted’ of Wikipedia.

1The ‘In Memoriam’ of 2017

A classic of all years. Wikipedia makes a list of all the celebrities and relevant characters of the society who die and is usually one of the most viewed pages. This year occupies the podium in the position No. 1.

2Billionaire president

One of the most significant and surprising events of recent years has been the appointment of Donald Trump as president of the United States. The controversial business tycoon has attracted the attention of 29 million people who searched his name on Wikipedia and gave him the second most sought-after pages. His wife, Melania Trump, ranks 36th.

3The British crown and the royal wedding

The world goes crazy when the old royal houses of Europe sneeze and 2017 has been a particularly busy year for the crown of Great Britain. The announcement of the link between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made the African-American actress the 5th most wanted page. The still queen Isabel II is in third place and Queen Victoria, in the 13th.

4‘In the game of thrones or you win or you die’

A phrase that will go unnoticed by few and that is already part of one of the most successful series of recent years. The intrigues, battles and betrayals to get the Iron Throne and govern the Seven Kingdoms have ensured that the page on the seventh season (4th place) and the generic page of the series (6th place) have a place insured.

6The discovery of Bitcoin

The cryptocurrencies have gained much prominence during the last years and Bitcoin is the one that has hooked the most people. The growth that this type of intangible currency gave in 2017 has generated widespread interest and strong speculation. Virtual money ranks ninth in Wikipedia.

7’13 Reasons Why’ and the visibility of harassment

The popular Netflix series was one of the most talked about fictions of 2017. Independently of its good script, performances and other compliments that could be made to the series, the most novel was the stark and brutal way it had to tell the reality in situations of bullying and harassment. Accumulate 14 million searches and hold the tenth position.

8Superheroes command

If there is something clear in the world of cinema today is that superhero movies triumph where they pass and you have millions of viewers and fans all over the world. The film produced by Fox Logan is in a not inconsiderable 16th position and Warner’s blockbuster ‘League of Justice’ follows in 23rd place.

9The heroines arrive

2017 has been a great change for the world of superhero cinema. The arrival of Wonder Woman and the success it brought was the recognition that female characters could be much more than a secondary or romantic interest in this industry. The page of the film occupies position 20, advanced by the actress who gives life to the Amazon warrior (15th place), Gal Gadot.

10Soccer and mixed arts

Far from being able to compete with the results of the world of cinema and series, the sport still has its place in the free encyclopedia. The Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (26th place) or the wrestlers Connor McGreggor (33rd place) and Floyd Mayweather (40th place), who starred in one of the most anticipated matches of the year, are the three professionals in this sector in the list.

12A little seventh art

Probably, the most consumed entertainment product in the world, the so-called seventh art was a must. In addition to the superhero films already mentioned, in the list of the most sought after we find the award-winning ‘Let me go’ (27th place), the Star Wars intergalactic saga (45th place) and its most recent installment, ‘The last jedi’ ( 22nd place ).

13There’s a starman waiting in the sky

Elon Musk, the director of TeslaPaypal and SpaceX, is one of the most well-known and charismatic billionaires in the world. Its constant innovations and the advertising and social campaigns it carries attract views from around the world and make it the only name related to the science of the listing. A 24th place not insignificant.

14Millenials, the lost and found generation

The Generation Y, 90 children, children of baby boomers, the first batch of digital natives. There are many ways in which children are usually known to have been born between 1980 and the early 1990s and to whom a dark future has been attributed. This term, which for some is a pride and for others a burden, has had more than 11 million visits and has reached position 29 on the list.

15Google and YouTube

Although the page itself associates it with an error of the users, that when using a search engine they click on the Wikipedia link unintentionally, it is true that the search engine giant and its video division occupy positions 49 and 31 respectively.

16The classics of history

Adolf Hitler unleashed, with his plans to conquer Europe, a huge conflict that so many years later remains interesting and terrifying at the same time. The Second World War (42nd place) and the leader of the Nazi movement (48th place) are the two pages of historical topics most seen in Wikipedia.

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