Cristina Pedroche ahead of US summer
Cristina Pedroche ahead of US summer

There has always been talk of the similarity between Cristina Pedroche and Kourtney Kardashian, even the beautiful Madrid collaborator has commented on more than one occasion. blogger and TV star has shared a very sensual image in her Instagram account that reminds us without doubt the protagonists of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Turning our backs to the camera is one of the recurrent poses of the Kardashian sisters and Cristina Pedroche has followed this rule perfectly.

Dressed in a top and a tube skirt in ocher Guess signature, the Madrilenian uses a pose in the style of Kardashian showing off her curves. A very sexy photo that already has more than 45,000 likes and for which it has undoubtedly received hundreds of comments among almost two million followers. All of them praise the magnificent figure of David Muñoz’s wife with compliments such as “cuerpazo,”sexy” or “bien bien queda”.

Already last year the resemblance of Kourtney Kardashian and Cristina Pedroche caused a stir in social networks. Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo on Instagram in which she appears with the rest of her sisters, accompanied by a tiger, on a promotional poster for her reality show. It was not Cristina Pedroche who found the similarities, but her followers, who soon cited the extraordinary resemblance of the beautiful Madrilenian with Kourteney – both brunettes, with long dark hair and with similar features, the woman of the famous chef from Diverxo understood him as a compliment and thanked his fans for the compliment, and acknowledged that some similarity they do have. “Hahaha, I loved that you tell me I look like me, he commented on his Instagram account Stories.

Pedroche’s style is followed by thousands of women in our country. In her latest shared look in networks, Pedroche wears a set from the signature Guess, pending Maria Pascual and an anklet from Singularu. As for the hairstyle, the blogger chose to wear her hair gathered in a bun and, as usual, she returned to trust her make-up artists, Oscar Lozano and Caroli Make Up.

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