Although some people prefer to vacation in snow in the mountains or simply resting in their homes, many others enjoy the beaches.

Not only the Caribbean is the owner of magnificent beaches to spend the holidays. Around the world there are unimaginable destinations with spas with turquoise seas, radiant sun and white sand.

From Moldova to India or New Zealand, the best beaches are found all over the globe.

In the next photogallery, get to know 8 of the spas with the best reputation in the world.

1Goa, India.

This old hippie meeting place has become a reference destination for lovers of postcard landscapes. Imagine long white sand beaches lined with palm trees. Along 100 km and 50 km wide, the state of Goa is located on the southwest coast of India. In December the water temperatures are perfect, with 30 ° C. In the first months of the year they tend to be around 28°.

2The Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

Just an hour’s drive from Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula is a pristine area of ​​stunning natural landscapes. It is also an ideal place for lovers of thermal waters. If you dig a hole in the white sand, an extremely hot water well will be created, which reaches temperatures of up to 64°. That is possible only at low tide.

4The Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

Only 40 minutes by car from the capital Reykjavik, Laguna Azul is a geothermal spa famous for its crystal clear waters. Temperatures may be low outside, but bathers soon warm up with a dip in the artificial lagoon that is more than 200 meters long. Due to its volcanic environment, the water temperature can reach up to 39 °C.

5Ko Phi Phi, Thailand.

Winter lovers have plenty of Thai islands to choose from, but Ko Phi Phi, which is two and a half hours by boat from Phuket, remains one of the main options. She became famous with the movie “The Beach”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The temperature of the waters around 28 ° C offer a delicious experience for bathers.

6Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.

Located next to the palm-shaped artificial archipelago that is home to the Atlantis Hotel, Jumeirah Beach is one of the main tourist attractions in Dubai. It is popular with visitors who come to enjoy the idyllic water temperatures, which between July and October remain at 33 °C.

7Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

Located on the Queensland coast, the Whitsunday Islands of Australia are home to Whitehaven Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The water is perfect, 100% crystalline and the diverse marine life can be easily observed. Without any hotel complex or even camping area, hikers are guaranteed peace and tranquility. Keep in mind that you need a special suit against jellyfish if you plan to swim between December and March, since the bites can be deadly.

8Costa Rica.

Located in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is home to stunning beaches where the sea meets the jungle. The proximity to the equator means that there are many options between the coastal points of the country. The temperature of the waters remains at 27 °C throughout the year.

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