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The most expensive sandwich in the world is cheese, it is bathed in gold and costs $ 214

Most expensive grilled cheese sandwich in the world
Most expensive grilled cheese sandwich in the world

The Serendipity 3 restaurant is one of the most famous venues in New York, and also one of the most exclusive. Located between the second and third avenues, in the heart of Manhattan, the place has been frequented by personalities of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy or Andy Warhol who, they say, was a regular at the place before it became famous.

Although the menu of the restaurant is like that of any typical American café, with salads, pastas, sandwiches, smoothies and hamburgers, the price is higher, especially if you opt for some of the most exclusive dishes.

In October 2014, the one that is considered by Guinness World Records as the most expensive sandwich in the world was presented. The snack, which has a price of $ 214 (about 178 euros to change) and responds to the name of The Quintessential Grilled Cheese, is composed of two slices of bread made with Dom Perignon champagne and is filled with Caciocavallo Podolico, an excellent (and rare) cheese from southern Italy, which could be described as a mixture between Parmesan and Manchego. Only 25,000 cows produce the specific milk needed to make the cheese, and only lactate for two months per year.

After smearing with butter, the bread is brushed with a mixture of white truffle oil and edible gold flakes of 23 carat gold, which adds an extra crunchy touch. After passing through the plate, the edges are also covered with gold.

The sandwich is served with a tomato sauce with slices of lobster from South Africa.

The dethroned burger

Serendipity 3 also serves what was considered the most expensive hamburger in the world, until it was overtaken in 2011 by the Juicys Foods restaurant, also in the United States, which offers its cave-dwelling customers a 352-kilogram, $ 5,000 burger.

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The creation of the New York restaurant, Le Burger Extravagant, nevertheless follows in a letter, at the modest price of $ 295 and does not detract from its sandwich. The bite contains Japanese Waygu beef, white truffle butter with ten herbs, smoked Pacific sea salt, 18-month cheddar cheese, black truffle, quail egg and white truffle butter. But what really drives up the price is the solid gold toothpick encrusted with diamonds that keeps the burger together.

If you want dessert, take out the wallet

Although the opulent cheese sandwich and the luxurious burger are the restaurant’s latest creations that appeared in the Guinness book of records, they were not the first to come to him.

In 2004, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Serendipity 3 presented what was once considered the most expensive dessert in the world, costing a whopping 1,000 dollars.

The Golden Opulence Sundae, which is the name of the invention, is made with three balls of vanilla ice cream from Tahiti, infused with vanilla from Madagascar, covered with edible gold leaves of 23 carats, sprinkled with the most expensive chocolate in the world, Amedei Porcelain, and covered with pieces of chocolate Chuao, made with cocoa beans from the coast of Venezuela.

To top it off, the ice cream is covered with candied exotic fruits in Paris, gold skewers, truffles and marzipan cherries and is accompanied by a small bowl with Grand Passion Caviar, a dessert caviar made with American Golden without salt, a bright color golden.

The plate is served in a Baccarat glass cup valued at $ 350 (lined with more 23-carat gold leafs) and an 18-carat gold spoon on the side. At least the crockery you can take it from recurdo.

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If you are thinking about trying the sandwich, hamburger or ice cream, a warning: you must notify the restaurant 48 hours in advance so that everything is ready.


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