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The most dangerous sexual posture is… VERY COMMON!

It is not to be frightened, but injuries to the penis due to certain positions in intimate relationships are more common than previously thought. The funny thing is that these accidents do not occur due to complicated or extravagant postures, extracted from the Kamasutra or the fiery imagination of some couples, but to some of the most frequent in romantic encounters.

Sexual Partners
Sexual Partners

A study conducted in Brazil and published by the journal Advances of Urology found that more than 50% of accidents in intimate relationships that lead to a broken penis occur when the woman is up, sitting astride the man (the “cowgirl”) and it is she who controls the rate of penetration.

In these cases, the male instrument can trip over the pubic bone and bend violently. The possibility of an incident of this kind can be increased if the woman is very heavy and when there is also little lubrication.

This risk is present both in the “cowgirl” position and in the “inverted cowgirl” position (the woman looking towards the feet of the man), but there are other positions that can lead to the same unfortunate result, such as the “puppy” ( the woman supporting all her limbs and the man behind), also responsible, according to this Brazilian study, for 29% of fractures. To this should be added an observation made by Dr. Kristi Latham, a specialist in pelvic health, and is that a too sharp penetration in this position could produce a vaginal tear.

It should also be noted that talking about penile fracture is not entirely correct, because the male member does not have bone, what happens is a twisting or tearing of the walls of the corpus cavernosum.

Another position that can lead to a “fracture” is that of the “pearl necklace” (the virile member between the breasts), and would have to do with movements too sudden on the part of the lover against the sternum of the beloved.

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To conclude, none of these positions entails any danger if done with minimal precautions, very gently and a close and intimate communication between lovers, that is, if done with love.


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