The highest transfer speed microSD cards for Android
The highest transfer speed microSD cards for Android

One of the great advantages of many Android phones over the iPhone is the possibility of increasing storage thanks to micro SD cards. However, in most cases this increase in capacity does not translate into as efficient use as if it were the original volume of the telephone. That is, these microSD cards will never be the same as the serial storage of the mobile.

The micro SD cards have a series of disadvantages that we have to take into account. To begin with, they can be damaged. Not all apps can pass to them and if they do, they could work with some limitations. But if there is a key factor in SD cards, that’s the speed. We need a micro SD card with a data transfer speed similar to the internal memory of the phone. What can we find in the market that meets our needs?

Before launching to buy a microSD card, we recommend that you analyze what you have to look to buy a micro SD card that allows you to make the most of your Android phone, because not only speed, but also capacity, type or price matter.

Speed ​​in microSD cards

When we are clear about what capacity our Android phone allows and what we need, the next step is to choose the speed of the card. It is useless to opt for a medium-sized microSD card if your data transfer speed is very low.

The data transmission speed of the microSD cards is classified by class or Speed ​​Class. It is a number that will determine the minimum write speed in MB / s. That is, the higher it is, the faster it will write.

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Class 2 2
Class 4 4
Class 6 6
Class 8 8
Class 10 10

As a general recommendation for both Android phones and cameras or any other device is that you always choose class 10.

In some models we can also find the maximum reading speed, although it tends to refer more to punctual peaks than to continuous behavior.

The fastest microSD cards

1Memory card microSDHC / SDXC Kingston

The Kingston SDCA3 card reaches read speeds of 90MB / s and write at 80MB / s, making it ideal for moving photos or video recordings in 4K, as well as Full HD at 1080p, Ultra HD at 2160p.

It is available in 32, 64 and 128 GB format for you to choose according to your needs. In the configuration of 32 GB you can buy it for $24.38.

2SanDisk Extreme PRO SDHC memory card

The SanDisk Extreme PRO card does not have the extreme surname by chance: it is designed to withstand high temperatures, shock, water and X-rays. It also achieves transfer speeds of up to 95 MB / s. It supports 4K UHD videos and pictures in burst mode.

We can find it in the market in configurations of 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. The 64 GB version costs $34.35.

3Toshiba EXCERIA M203 Card

Toshiba’s high-speed proposal comes with the EXCERIA M203 model, which achieves peak read speeds of up to 100 MB / s on its microSDXC-type cards ranging from 100 GB to 256 GB capacity. The 256 GB option is available for $105.79.

4SanDisk Ultra Android microSDXC UHS-I card

Sandisk offers this memory card microSDXC UHS-I available in configurations ranging from 16 to 400GB, reaching transfer speeds of up to 100 MB / s. It is especially recommended for Android smartphones and tablets and has the new A1 category, which ensures better performance for installed apps. It allows the recording and reproduction of videos with Full HD quality.

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In the configuration of 128 GB you can buy it for $34.99.

5Samsung MicroSDXC EVO

The Samsung EVO has it all: transfer speed of up to 100 MB / s, which translates into 360 photos per minute. It also allows the recording of video in Full HD and resistance to adverse conditions such as water, temperature changes or X-rays.

This Ultra High Speed ​​memory card from Samsung is available in configurations ranging from 32 to 256 GB, the latter having a price of $96.62.

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