1Emma Watson

Emma Watson

2Jacob Elordi

The handsome actor of “The Kissing Booth” surprised his fans with a fun and temporary change of look. Jacob Elordi killed his fans with laughter with this photo, because he decided to give a complete turn to his image with this wig of a woman. LOL!

3Gigi Hadid

They say that when a woman changes her look, she’s about to change her life! Such is the case of Gigi Hadid, who surprised her fans with a video in which she appears in the aesthetic with a new look; Now he has fringe! What do you think?

4Karol Sevilla

Karol Sevilla surprised everyone with an incredible change of image, which is causing controversy. The star braided all the hair with blond flashes that are seen impact, but not all fans agreed with his change of look, it seemed very radical. However, the Karolistas at heart supported her at all times. We love!


Belinda surprised her fans with a radical change of look, because for a presentation of Barcelona a blond / silvery capillary gradient was made, and her fans reminded her of the style of her character of “Cçomplices al Rescate”, Sylvana. You like?

7Selena Gomez

A radical change of look! Selena Gomez boasted on Instagram one of her most radical changes of image, where she looks a super high braided ponytail and a part of her shaved hair. The singer and actress accompanied the photo with the following caption: ‘Always needs a subtle change. @puma Germany family time 😊 grateful for the welcome! ‘ Do you like his new look?

8Demi lovato

The singer says goodbye to long hair! To start the cooler spring, Demi decided to make a bob style cut that is left with an impact. Inspire yourself in this new look, it’s amazing!

9Nina Dobrev

Ever since The Vampire Diaries ended, Nina Dobrev began to try different changes of look daring, but incredible! His last cut fascinated us, but we must say that each time he looks less like his character Elena in the series of vampires, because we were used to a much simpler hairstyle! How do you like it more?

10Gigi Hadid

OMG! Eiza González has just surprised us with a new silvery blond look, and we must say that it is identical to the one that Selena Gomez had recently! It seems that the actress was inspired by Sel’s look, from the dye to the cut. Who do you think makes it look better?

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