Clear Red Card according to FIFA
The lack of Bale in Umtiti in the classic, example of “clear red card” according to FIFA

FIFA used the controversial entry of Real Madrid defender Gareth Bale on Samuel Umtiti to the league match last month as a “clear example” of tickets that should end with red in the World Cup. The action did not end with the expulsion of Bale to the party.

Different referees and experts have gone through the concentrations of the 32 teams to exhibit practical cases with images of parties that make it clear what will be the line of arbitration that will be followed during the tournament. Massimo Busacca, director of arbitration of FIFA, showed the images that have been shown to the selections on Tuesday. The most curious thing was the move that occurred in the first half of the game played between Barça and Real Madrid. “We want to be very transparent at the time of exposing the examples. This would be a clear red card, without any discussion,” said Busacca.

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