The King of Atlantis arrives in December
The King of Atlantis arrives in December

The lovers of DC Comics celebrate the revelation of the King of Atlantis on a world scale. The world of the surface, the colossal battles for leadership and the rebellion that rises in the depth of the sea are staged in the first preview of Aquaman, which was presented on Saturday July 21 at the International Convention of Comics of San Diego 2018.

Based on comic books set up and presented in 1941 by the mythical Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the film adaptation of ‘Aquaman’ is directed by Malay filmmaker James Wan. Known for his managerial work in the saga of terror ‘Saw’, the also producer and scriptwriter, portrays the genesis of the sea ​​hero in a story that fuels the hope of redemption of Warner Bros. studios, after the failure of ‘La Liga de la Justice’. 

Starring the American interpreter Jason Momoa , the mouthwatering of the film shows brief moments of the origin of Aquaman. Son of the queen of Atlantis, brought to life by the Australian actress Nicole Kidman, and the human guardian of a lighthouse, the superhero discovers himself as a child.

His companions annoy him and push him towards the showcase, while a colossal shark hits the glass. The little one feels an immediate connectionwith the marine animal and its power over the aquatic ecosystem.

With a temporary ellipsis, the following scene reveals the following character: Mera, played by Amber Heard. His running mate tells him that his half brother, Orm, will declare war on the surface world. The solution to stop the conflict is clear: Aquaman must fight to be the leader and ruler of the marine world. 

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The landscapes under the depths impact, where you can see giant tortoises, multicolored fish and jellyfish that build avisual spectacle in contrast to the rebellious and jocular attitude of the main character.

Until this Sunday, July 22, the trailer exceeds 22 million views on YouTube and the expectation for the premiere, projected for December 21, is on the rise.

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