The iPhone X of 2018
The iPhone X of 2018

September is just around the corner and the rumors related to the future iPhone that will present us after the summer those of Cupertino, take more and more strength. Many of these rumors point to a widescreen similar to the iPhone’s tenth anniversary and others that could incorporate Apple’s SIM card.

Now comes other important information, but focused on the power of what will be the new flagship of the US company. From the database of Geekbench have leaked the possible performance results of the future iPhone X 2018 and the new SoC of Apple, the A12.

Six cores, 4 GB of RAM

As we can see in the filtered tab, we find results referring to a model called iPhone 11.2. These results are 4760 points for a single core while the current iPhone X has a score of 4061. In the results of several cores, this future iPhone of 2018 would reach 10912 points compared to 9959 points iPhone X model.

Taking these results as true, we would be talking about an increase in power between one model and another of approximately 9%. But in addition to the results of the synthetic test, we can also see that the new terminal will come with iOS 12 as an operating system, something we had already expected.

There is also data on the processor and RAM. In the first case we see that it would be a 6-core chip operated at 2.49 GHz and in the second, that the RAM will reach 4GB. At the moment we can not take these data as conclusive, but if true we would have a performance terminal similar to the present iPhone X although, possibly more efficient.


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