iPhone SE 2 notch
iPhone SE 2 notch

Olixar screen protector and case maker has just shared information with 9to5Mac about the rumored new iPhone SE 2. It is a device that we have been waiting for for several months and from which hardly any tangible news has been received. However, this new rumor brings something else to the debate table.

iPhone SE 2 with iPhone X screen

According to the images obtained by 9to5Mac, we are facing an iPhone similar in appearance to the design premiered at the time by the iPhone 5. However, the front occupied by the screen would follow the style of the iPhone X minimizing frames. At the same time, this supposed iPhone SE 2 would have a notch and would lack a Home button.

In one of the images obtained by the publication you can see the dimensions of the protective panel created by the manufacturer for the device. Specifically, they are 120.04 x 54.82 mm with a notch of 18.7 mm in width. They are clearly lower than the actual dimensions of an iPhone SE, which are 123.8 x 58.6 mm. This is because the glass panels of this type are always smaller so they do not overlap the sides.

While these overall dimensions add up, the notch is smaller than the iPhone X. In this terminal, the TrueDepth system in charge of Face ID occupies an approximate total of 3.4 mm. Almost half the space reserved in the manufacturer’s plans.

With these data in hand, it is most likely that we are facing a montage. Unless Apple has found a way to reduce its dimensions by moving some sensor or element to the edge of the terminal. How could the speaker be, which occupies a significant space.

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The price of the iPhone SE 2 is the great unknown

So far, there are two great “currents” of iPhone SE 2. The first is that it will follow the wake of the iPhone X and adopt a screen design without just frames like this rumor. This would imply a terminal with better features and prepared to withstand the passage of time with slack in terms of screen frames (remember that the iPhone SE was introduced in 2016 and still selling now).

Comparison of the tempered glass protector with an iPhone SE.
Comparison of the tempered glass protector with an iPhone SE.

The second current is that of a more discrete renewal of the terminal. Better internal components in terms of processor and camera in addition to a novel feature: wireless charging.

What we do not know anything about is the price, something that will be the key of this iPhone SE 2. The iPhone SE debuted with a price of 399 dollars without VAT or 499 euros with VAT in Spain. A price that Apple lowered a year later to 419 euros doubling the storage.

An iPhone SE 2 of this type generates many doubts regarding price and positioning compared to other models

What price would a terminal have in each of the two situations? Incorporating the best components of the iPhone X would clash with a contained price, the crucial spirit of the iPhone SE. Not to mention that it would be a blow against the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Whatever the outcome, the only thing we can take for granted is that new iOS devices are coming thanks to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

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