The iPhone of 2018
The iPhone of 2018

When the Cupertino-based company presented the iPhone X, it surprised us with a very particular design that set it apart from the continuity aspect seen in all previous models and by a very special feature. Now we just heard that all iPhone 2018 and the new iPad presented by the manufacturer throughout this year will have the best functionality of the iPhone X.

And is that Apple showed that facial recognition technology could replace the traditional fingerprint reader. The iPhone X, with built-in TrueDepth, has made it clear that this system works perfectly. Not a few manufacturers have tried to copy this system achieving great results. And now we can confirm that the next iPhone of 2018 and the new iPad presented by the company will have a facial recognition system.

And eye that, although it is a rumor, the source is Digitimes so we can give enough truth to this leak. More if we take into account that the American manufacturer has already asked the main suppliers of 3D sensors to increase production to meet the demand of all new devices.

Face ID will be present on all the iPhone of 2018 and the next iPad

According to the prestigious media, sources in the supply chain have indicated that not only the three iPhone models that Apple will present in 2018 will come with Face ID incorporated, but that the next versions of the iPad that will also be released in 2018 will arrive with The company’s technology to use the facial recognition system of the iPhone X.

It was expected that the latest iPad presented by Apple, a model with a 9.7-inch screen and a very affordable price, did not come with this technology, but it has its logic that the American manufacturer has decided that their new models have Face ID for unlock all models.

  The iPhone SE 2018 is real, its design uncovered

For now we do not know more information about it although it is quite logical that the company bet on this technology for its new generation of devices. Recall that three new iPhone models are expected in 2018: on the one hand a 6.1-inch version with LCD screen, which will be the cheapest model, another model with 5.8-inch screen with OLED panel and the more vitamin version, the iPhone X Plus, it would come with a 6.5-inch screen.

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