Influencers tips to recover your battered hair
Influencers tips to recover your battered hair

Change your damaged hair for one of princess, the influences tell you their best secrets to get it, check…

1Kayley Melissa

✨Cause I know when that Hairline Bling✨

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She is one of the most important vloggers in the United States and the world. She recommends that, if you want to have more beautiful hair and that it grow in an extendable way, you should take care of your scalp, because it is literally “the garden where your hair grows”. Massage it with the tips of your fingers every time you apply your shampoo, so you will keep that skin clean, the follicles released from dead cells and your hair can grow healthy without anything obstructing it.

2Kika Nieto

This Colombian who is breaking it hard on YouTube, it is clear that one of the biggest traumas is that you have to cut your hair because you have battered ends, so she takes blocks of hair and cuts the hairs that are mistreated they are coming out of the lock. What a good solution!

3Hair Romance

Do you practice swimming or do you spend it in the pool? This tip is for you! It is given by Christina Butcher, the star behind Hair Romance. Going into the pool causes problems in your mane and recommends wetting your hair before throwing it, put conditioner on the tips to protect it, use a bathing cap (if you can) and rinse it off once you leave the pool. Christina has advice for blondes who get their hair green by the action of chlorine and water minerals: wear a ketchup mask! Wet your hair, put tomato sauce for 20 minutes and rinse.

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Double tap.

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The Colombian influencer of beauty and fashion tells that she prefers to use several brands of hair products at the same time, because you use the same shampoo for a long time, it stops working in the same way because your hair gets used to it. She uses two, at least, to go alternating.


Does your hair have frizz and looks harsh and mistreated? Katy Esquivel, the Peruvian influencer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, recommends drying your hair with a cotton plyera. You do not need to carve, just remove excess moisture from your hair and voila… static goodbye, according to Katy!

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