Importance Recovery Training
Importance Recovery Training

Performing physical exercise is essential to achieve a good state of health. We assume that you have already taken care to leave a hole in your training routine. But tell us, are you respecting the recovery phase?

At present, many people are going to stop with their tasks and seem to have no time for anything else. It is very important to find those times that allow us to perform activities that we enjoy and feel good. Therefore, if you have managed to reserve a couple of hours for training each day, you should know that it is very important that you do not hurry when you finish.

When we are going to train, we can not begin to carry weight at once. We need to prepare the body so that little by little, and progressively, it adapts to the activity. In the same way, when we finish, we must let him take his time to return to the state of calm. Regardless of whether you run, pedal or swim, you have to respect the post training phase to avoid problems of a different nature.

We often tell you about the great benefits that sport brings to your health. However, for these to be effective and you can enjoy them safely, you need to do things right. In this way you will achieve a deep well-being after a good training session. Thus, when you calculate the time that the activity will take you, you also have at least 10 minutes of recovery afterwards. End the intense activity and run away to continue with the routine, it is a mistake that could be harming your health.

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Benefits of respecting recovery after training

  • Allow your heart to resume the normal heart rhythm and breathing return to normal.
  • Normalizes your body temperature returning it to its optimum levels.
  • Reduces the risk of injury.
  • It helps the body resume its functions normally after exercise.
  • It prevents the risk of dizziness or slumps due to a drop in sugar or a drop in blood pressure.
  • It favors the recovery of your muscles after having subjected them to tensions.
  • Avoid muscle overload and return elasticity after exertion.

How to restore calm to the body after training?

It is necessary that as the end of the session approaches, you decrease the intensity, so that the end of the training is progressive and smooth. Once finished, breathe deeply and dedicate at least 10 minutes to stretch. Stretches help you release the accumulated tension and avoid the risk of injury. At this time, your breathing will return to normal, your heart rate will calm down and you will be ready to return to your routine charged with the wellbeing of physical exercise.

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