The ideology of Elon Musk
The ideology of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a character ‘bigger than life’. Halfway between the eccentric multimillionaire and the mad scientist, Musk has not only made his projects fill blogs, newspapers and televisions around the world. He has made us dream. Even the most skeptical.

Whether it is the idea of ​​revolutionizing the world’s energy system or leading the new space race, Elon Musk’s projects go beyond the typical technological entrepreneur. He is someone determined to build the future. The problem is that we do not know if that future Muskian is a wonderful utopia or a dystopia that would be better to avoid.

Today we try to get into the mind of Elon Musk. Wish us luck, we will need it.

This time we are joined by Andrés Mohorte (@mohorte), Magnet coordinator, and Javier Jiménez (@dronte), editor of Engadget. At the controls, our presenter and head of Clear the X, Santi Araujo (@SantiAraujo).

Halfway between the superhero and the archivillano

Musk is one of the great characters of our time. He sees himself as the ‘architect of tomorrow’, a person with enough vision, capacity and decision to radically change the history of humanity. Where it is best seen is precisely in his obsession to colonize Mars, to become an interplanetary species.

It is in this Martian project that Musk’s ideas are best seen, as well as his obsessions, intellectual heritages and political inclinations. And, nevertheless, it is not something simple either. Their definitions are always open, vague and provocative.

So much that, at first glance, it might seem almost unclassifiable. But is not. The figure, thought and projects of Musk are part of the ideological, philosophical and political substrate of our time. So much that to examine in detail who Elon Musk is and how he has become who he is seems increasingly necessary.

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Above all, because (regardless of the future of their projects) their obsessions and ideas are having a direct impact on the current debate and are marking the times of such powerful institutions as NASA or the oil industry.


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