Ron and Hermione say I love you
Ron and Hermione say I love you

We know how difficult it is to pronounce these words and you should bear in mind that they involve a very strong feeling. You have to be totally sure of what you feel before saying them.

Check out these tips that we give you so you can find the right moment and the perfect way to say them…

1You have to feel it

There are thousands of couples who say ” I love you ” simply out of habit or because they think it’s necessary to say it in a relationship, but NOT. Loving goes far beyond loving a person and implies a great responsibility. The time you take to feel it depends on you, but do not rush if you’re not sure.

2Say it in person

As much as you feel sorry for you, NEVER do it by message or by letter. As we said, they are very strong words and always have to be said in person the first time.

3That it be spontaneous

When things are born, everything flows better and is a thousand times more romantic. If you try it and show day and time to say it, it may look a bit forced and the magic will be lost. So, just do it the moment you feel it.

5Say it when they are happy

A key to this moment is film, is that they are obviously having a great time and are super happy.

6Do not rush

Sometimes children get scared when their girlfriends say “I love you” after a week of walking. So… calm down! We know that it drives you crazy and you feel a thousand things for him, but everything in his time. Experts recommend that it be after 3 months, but of course, this depends on each couple.

Never forget the importance of these words in a relationship. If you are with your better half, things will happen by themselves… Do not get nervous!

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