The Huawei P9 stagnates
The Huawei P9 stagnates

Android updates are important for a smartphone, because updated software means more security and the best possible features. But not all new versions of Android are still suitable for all older devices, and this is exactly what the owners of the Huawei P9 are now experiencing. And is that your smartphone will no longer receive the next Android update. Bad news for the owners of the P9!

Huawei has been slow to make a statement about whether the Huawei P9 would be updated or not to Android 8 Oreo. Now the cards are already on the table and the P9 will stay on the old Android 7 Nougat. But rest assured, there is a good reason. From the Chinese house they assure that the device would not have a good performance if it received the last update of software of Android.

Huawei has always attached great importance to an exceptional user experience. In order to continue to provide an optimal experience for the Huawei P9 and ensure high performance, the device will not receive the update to Android Oreo in Europe.

But the big Android updates are not everything. The security patches are equally important, which will give the P9 a little more time. Of course, Huawei has not specified how much longer these security updates will provide. We have asked them, but we still have not received an answer…

Do you still use a Huawei P9?


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