Avoid Unwanted Calls
Avoid Unwanted Calls

In a world where spam represents a volume greater than that of the messages and calls desired, it is logical that more and more efforts are being made to combat it. Common sense is a good ally, also the applications that detect and avoid that spam. Even in calls, the Android phone application wants to avoid unwanted ones forever.

It is more than usual. It sounds an unknown number on your mobile, doubts between picking up or not the call, in the end you agree in case it was important and end up holding the roll of a commercial that sells you a new offer of fiber. Well:  Google Phone, the default Android phone application, has a good solution.

The telephone application will force unknown numbers to identify themselves

The latest version of the app, which corresponds to the number 22, includes the first lines in the code that discover the future novelty: it will be much easier to avoid unwanted calls since the application itself will be responsible for finding out the sender. At the moment it is not active.

The phone app that comes by default in the Google Pixel and other Android (Motorola, BQ…) already includes certain restrictions in order to identify unwanted calls. The novelty would be a system called “Call Screen” or call selection: the application would be in charge of identifying who is on the other side of the line by asking him his name and other questions. We would see on the screen the transcription of the answers before picking up and in the case of accepting the call, we would listen to the audio of those answers before to our interlocutor.

The phone application would identify calls even with unknown numbers

With the selection of calls we will quickly identify a person from a machine, for example. It will also be easier to find out if the call is of our interest or not; even though it is not going to end with the telephone spam because, if it is a person who calls, he can invent the answers to get us to pique.

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The selection of calls works without the need to have data connection or WiFi. And the record of the audio remains in our phone, it is not shared either with the servers of Google or with the operator. In addition, we can send quick replies by SMS in case we do not want to pick up the call.

Version 22 of Google Phone is in full distribution. Of course, does not include the selection of calls, at the moment is a hidden option in the code of the app. Do you want the Apk? It is available in Apk Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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