The EU will fine Google with 2,400 million euros
The EU will fine Google with 2,400 million euros

The European Commission has been investigating Google since 2015, and according to sources close to that investigation on July 9 could announce the ruling, which would force Google to pay a fine of 2,400 million euros for abuse of dominant position with Android.

A year ago that Google was already punished with a fine of 2,420 million euros for their practices in the field of searches. This time the EU estimates that Google uses Android to prevent manufacturers from promoting alternatives to applications such as Google Search or Google Maps.

Two fines in two years

Apart from the fine, anti-competitive practices of Google will have to stop in the future according to sources consulted by Reuters, although several analysts and critics of the company suggest that the impact of these changes could be minimal .

As it happened with the internet search business in which Google has so much influence, its position with Android is similar in the mobility segment. According to the European Commission’s investigation, that dominant position is serving to make competition much more difficult for its rivals.

Kent Walker, a top manager of Google, already published in 2016 an article in the official blog of Google entitled ‘ Android: Choice at every turn‘ (in a free translation would be something like ‘Android: options at all times’) in the that explained how this mobile platform precisely what it offers is an open alternative to developers and manufacturers.

According to those same sources that have been consulted by Reuters, Google tried to defend the case before various officials of the European Commission, but the request was denied.

  Inflation collapses again, all the reasons

This is the second of the three cases that the European Union has investigated in recent times: in addition to its dominant position in the search engine business and mobile phones with Android, the Commission has also been accused of blocking the competitiveness of its rivals in the online advertising business.

This accusation has caused these anticompetitive actions to cease in this area and it is expected that this case will be resolved by the end of the year or perhaps already in 2019.

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