The easiest Japanese technique to flatten the abdomen
The easiest Japanese technique to flatten the abdomen

Exercise routines to lose weight and reduce the abdomen there are many, but there is a Japanese trick that draws a lot of attention on the Internet because it allows you to reduce abdominal fat without any type of diet. It simply means paying attention to something you are already doing at this moment.

Everything is in the breath

This technique became known thanks to the Japanese actor  Miki Ryosuke, who managed to lose 13 kilos and 12 centimeters of waist in a few weeks. According to the actor, his doctor told him a series of exercises to calm a backache, but what really caught his attention was the side effect of those exercises.

Miki calls this technique “prolonged breathing” and consists of adapting a special posture, inhaling for three seconds and exhaling strongly for seven seconds. The best part is that you only need to do this exercise 2 minutes a day.

Some specialists explained why specific and controlled breathing can have this effect. It’s very simple: the more oxygen your body uses, the more fat you burn. This exercise works because fat contains oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the oxygen we inhale reaches the fat cells, it breaks them down into carbon and water.

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