Katherine and Elena
Katherine and Elena

Surely you’ve ever heard that we all have a double or doppelganger somewhere in the world, right? Yes, in the style of Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries.

The idea of ​​thinking that there is someone physically identical to us is terrifying and exciting! Although it sounds impossible, since ancient times there have been findings of people who could be twins of others, and this is attributed to different theories.

1. Parallel worlds:

This belief refers to bilocation. This term refers to strange moments in which people can be in two places at once, either in different times or in it. This can be at the spiritual level or at the corporal level, where an individual achieves an “unfolding”, which allows him to be in different places simultaneously. Some monks of Buddhism were faithful practitioners of this theory, because in times past, it was learned of a soldier who appeared in front of the National Palace of Mexico City.

The curious? He seemed totally disoriented, because the place and the time did not correspond to where he had been seconds before. Because they thought he was insane, they locked him up until a boat from the Philippines confirmed the whole story.

2. The permanent double:

Yes, we are talking about that person who is at this moment somewhere in the world making his life, and is physically identical to you! This theory says that absolutely everyone, we have a double that leads a life extremely different from yours and that is also not aware of having a doppelganger, but that could be your twin!

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3. Seven replicas of you:

Something even more terrifying? One more theory states that there are seven people spread around the world who are identical to you. Although they do not share the same family, friends, work, interests or customs, something very powerful unites them: the physical!

Do you think any of these theories are true? Have you had any encounters with your doppelganger?

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