Kate Spade dies at 55 years of age
Kate Spade dies at 55 years of age

The world of fashion is in mourning, because on today June 6, the iconic fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead at age 55 in her New York apartment, according to sources at the news portal TMZ.

In this regard, police sources confirm that she was found at 10:20 am, and hanged herself at her home on Park Avenue. She was declared dead at the scene.

In the 1980s, Kate began working for the women’s magazine “Mademoiselle” in Manhattan, when she moved in with Andy Spade, David Spade’s brother. She and Andy met in college while working in a clothing store.

Together, Kate and Andy launched Kate Spade Handbags in 1993, and became a large-scale clothing and jewelry line. Kate and Andy were married in 1994.

Kate sold her company in 2007 and took time off to raise her daughter, but returned in 2016 to launch a new fashion brand called Frances Valentine… named after her daughter.

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