Dark WhatsApp
Dark WhatsApp

A few days ago we learned of a very important situation in WhatsApp, however, many users seemed not to give it the importance it deserved, and that is that the last co-founder and that until a few days ago was the WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, resigned his put on Facebook, the reasons ?, supposedly for personal reasons, something like to take a break and address other passions outside the technology, however, the rumors pose a much darker situation.

It turns out that a person close to Koum who also works at the company mentioned to The Washington Post (one of the most reputable media in the United States) that the real motives behind Koum’s resignation were due to a dispute with Zuckerberg after that the Facebook owner manifested his intention to “weaken” the point-to-point encryption so that Facebook would have access to the conversations of the users and thus offer better publicity.

At the moment they are rumors, only Kum and Zuckerberg know the truth of this event, but as Facebook lives on our data, I would not be surprised if it was like that, and for now the company shares some data from WhatsApp users with Facebook and Instagram, at least in America, however, the real reason why WhatsApp is valuable for Facebook is because it has more than one billion active users, and most of the information with real value for the company is not the username or type of device, but what people talk about in the chats, that’s pure gold for the company.

When Mark Zuckerberg pitied the United States congress, one of the senators asked him if he had access to user chats on WhatsApp, to which Mark answered no, this due to the point-to-point encryption, so that I could not do it even if I wanted to, but as a curious fact, he has never promised that he will not do it.

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Either way, the promises in question do not exist, remember that when Facebook bought WhatsApp, it promised the founders (Jan Koum and Brian Acton) that they would never use their users’ data to share them with Facebook and other Zuckerberg companies, but well says the saying “faster a chatter than a lame” and Facebook now shares data between their companies, but fortunately in Europe they have put a “here.”

In fact, this was one of the reasons why Brian Acton ended up resigning from Facebook last year, because he and Koum always thought that privacy was essential for WhatsApp, hence their business model was not to sell the data of the users, but that people will pay to use the service, scheme that Facebook eliminated when it bought the company.

Now, without Acton or Koum who is left to stop the wishes of Zuckerberg to access the WhatsApp chats, nobody really, so I bet it will end up happening, I also believe that Facebook will never give this information to the public until it does not happen again case similar to that of Cambridge Analytica and then the CEO has to “apologize” and say that it was a mistake, although that has benefited him financially.

Of course, many users are not interested in the least that this happens, because that is the price to pay for social networks and messaging applications, but some may prefer to pay again for WhatsApp as long as their conversations are not Look committed, something that I doubt will happen someday.

If you’re worried about your privacy and the conversations you have on WhatsApp, then maybe it’s time to bet on another messaging application.

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