ZTE has paralyzed its main commercial activities indefinitely. It has not closed as such, because they claim to have enough cash to face their current agreements and litigate with the Government of the United States , but it is not excluded that they will do so. The sanction imposed by the Americans is being harmful, and we already see the first side effects.

The story comes from a few years ago, when ZTE skipped the blockade to Iran and traded with them, which meant a penalty of around 900 million dollars. Today, ZTE is prohibited from doing business, among others, with Qualcomm, which deprives the Chinese company of access to its modems and mobile processors. So the company has decided to paralyze everything, and it seems that their servers also update.

Network not available

We have tested it on a ZTE Blade V8. We have gone to the configuration of the phone and we have tried to update the system and the message we have obtained is “Network unavailable”. The phone tries to locate an update package on the SD card of the phone but, logically, does not locate it. And when you try to search online, nobody answers the other side.

The ZTE servers responsible for hosting and delivering phone updates are apparently out of service. It is unlikely that this fact occurred by chance, or that the disconnection of the servers was involuntary, since it coincides with the blackout of the rest of ZTE.

ZTE phones with Android do not find update servers, probably disconnected

The responsible of the Chinese manufacturer ordered yesterday to its commercial force in Europe to restrain the sales, the orders on the part of the operators in the old continent were canceled and, as we have known, also in other zones. Like Telstra, in AustraliaWe have contacted ZTE to know their version of the facts , but we still await an official response from the manufacturer.

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What we know so far is that ZTE no longer sells any phone and that, according to the information that we now provide, neither updates. We will see what consequences it has that the manufacturer leaves of side to the clients that have trusted in the company buying his products with the promise of two years of updates and of technical service. For now, the company remains silent and ZTE users can not update. They will not even get Android’s monthly security patches. We will continue informing.

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