The Arabella brand has all these shapewear sashes with a 30% discount today for the Prime Day and come in two colors: black and skin color. The Amazon Prime Day is a few hours away, but you can still take advantage of the best offers and discounts in the most popular belts that all women like. Still not a Prime member? Register now and receive a free trial for 30 days to take advantage of these and other offers.

1Seamless Slip Shapewear: For body and belly curves

Best Reducing shapers on sale TODAYThis girdle has no seams so it does not show under the clothes. The straps are adjustable and the belt has a maximum compression for a strong support. However, it does not even look like a sash when you take off your clothes. Buy it with a 30% discount today.

2Body Shaper: For low cut dresses and blouses

If you have a dress or a low cut blouse, this girdle will not be noticed. The straps are adjustable but you have to use your own bra. Buy it with a 30% discount today.

3Firm Control Slip Shapewear: For dresses

This girdle is very similar to our number 2, but it is specifically for wearing with dresses. With our other two options, the straps are adjustable. It has the highest possible compression level and you use it with your own bra. Buy it with a 30% discount today.

4Smoothing Shapewear: For the thighs and the belly

If you only need a belt for the thighs and belly, this is a good option that also has a 30% discount today for the Prime Day. The compression is finer but still offers good support and control. It is a more comfortable girdle. They recommend ordering a smaller size for firmer control.

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5Shapewear Brief: For the hips

This belt is specifically to make the curves of our hips finer and controlled. The compression is made so that it does not show under the clothes and so that you do not squeeze too much. Buy now with a 30% discount.

6Seamless Shapewear Leggings: For legs and belly

Instead of wearing regular fashion leggings, you can wear this pair that looks like a regular legging, but nevertheless, it’s a girdle. It has compression for the legs and for the belly to look smoother. This belt is the only one of our selection that only comes in black. Buy it now with a 30% discount.

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