Instagram accounts are from animals
Instagram accounts are from animals

Instagram has become a battlefield in which photographers and influencers work with perseverance to see their effort rewarded in the form of a handful of likes and followers. Each time, it is more complicated to stand out in the best known social network of photography in the world. The huge wave of instagramers that does not stop growing every day has demanded that now, the outstanding accounts have to have much more interaction than before for brands to come to them.

In this purpose, we have spent a few months observing how much the accounts that have a pet as a protagonist have grown. Animals always fall well (in most cases, much better than humans). Therefore, appear in your photos with your inseparable companion @ can end up being a differential factor. In many cases, both, that photographers refuse to leave in their publications to give all visibility to your pet.

And the truth is that the results that many people have achieved following this strategy is really incredible. You do not believe it? Then check out these accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. Some of them, even, have millions.

Hamilton, the hipster cat

That your cat has a very particular physical trait can be a safe value in social networks. A very clear example is that of Hamilton, whose owner has exploited to build an important fame in social networks. This beautiful feline with gray hair has the bottom to his white nose, emulating perfectly a mustache. A detail that has earned him the nickname of the hipster cat. Do not miss the chance to visit his Instagram profile, because of course it has no waste.

Holding onto to those last few hours of the weekend… #mustachecat

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Tuna melts my heart

If Hamilton’s distinctive feature was his mustache, that of Tuna is his small upper teeth protruding from his jaw. What would give some dogs a somewhat aggressive pose, in this adorable mestizo has managed to give a touch of tenderness. His natural grace in posing the photos of his profile has earned him an important fame, as shown by his almost two million followers.

Theron Humphrey

  X-Men postponed the premieres of Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants for 2019!

Have you ever heard that the dog is man’s best friend? That’s what I wanted to immortalize this photographer who undertook a trip through the United States with his dog Maddie. His goal was to immortalize the entire journey through the moments they spent together. An idea that he knew how to execute perfectly and that gave rise to an Instagram account that is a true work of art. We recommend that you take a look at all your photos.

Venus the Two Face Cat

Discovering this unique pussycat has made us completely crazy. We had never seen a half-breed cat with two coats so perfectly aligned around her face. Half black, half tabby. Venus is a true miracle of nature and its owner has known how to make it known to the world by working on his own Instagram account. And how could it be otherwise, has garnered tremendous success: more than 1.4 followers!

“Draw me like one of your French girls” 😻

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#tbt 😺

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