Pulsar Music Player - Audio Player, Mp3 Player
Pulsar Music Player – Audio Player, Mp3 Player

The reproduction of music by streaming is the usual these days, however, there are still irreducible users who cling to their music library. Archives ordered and carefully chosen to delight your ears.

Ears that if they want to enjoy all that musical library, they will need a player with which to hear it. Within the Google Play Store application ecosystem there are millions of options, we also have the ubiquitous Google Play Music. But is there any alternative worthwhile? The short answer is yes.

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The main problem of players in Android are usually based on two aspects, advertising and purchases, one or the other are always present. Applications that promise you the best of the best and once installed, disappoint us.

This is where our protagonist comes, directly from the XDA Developers forums, a player full of options, free and free of annoying ads. Just clarify that when I say free, it’s 97%, because if we want to unlock the 5-track equalizer we will have to switch to the paid version.

But if we put in the balance what it offers us for free, compared to what we do not have, this player offers a very positive experience to users. And it has enough arguments to be taken into consideration.

The first thing we will see as soon as we execute it is its appearance, based on the design lines of Material Design. Fluid lines, nice colors and an intuitive environment to use, as well as being customizable through the use of themes.

Pulsar is distributed in five tabs, among which we will find:

  • Albums: Our albums ordered according to our criteria.
  • Artists: The artists of our albums.
  • Folders: Our music library in the form of folders.
  • Genres: List of genres that our library contains.
  • Songs: All the songs that we store on our device.
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As we can see we have the option of playing through folders or using the information stored in our music files. About this last, I must say that Pulsar has been the only one that has respected all the data and album art, something that Google Play Music does not do.

Another of the strengths of this player is its search engine, surprisingly good, offering the results we are looking for in a few seconds. As we write, we will show those results that fit our criteria, distinguishing between Albums, Artists, Genres or Songs.

If we go into what is music reproduction, Pulsar offers a good balance between simplicity and a wide range of options. Along with the classic random or repeat mode, we will find the possibility to vary the speed of reproduction and the information of our music file.

Although our protagonist is not just there, as it offers the option to select our favorite tracks, share the song we are listening to and a menu full of interesting options. Among which we highlight:

  • Add to playlist: We can make our playlists in a simple way.
  • Edit labels: Add or complete the information of the disc we are listening to.
  • Set as: The song that we are playing, will be set as alarm, notification tone or call tone.
  • Disconnection timer: We will establish the time that will pass until the playback stops, so it will not continue playing in a loop.

And these are only the settings during playback, if we enter the settings menu of the application we have a varied selection of options. Some only aesthetic and others tremendously useful.

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We highlight positively the possibility of establishing excluded folders, so we will avoid the appearance of the WhatsApp or Telegram audios in our library. A simple detail that many will appreciate when browsing your library.

Do you think few options yet? And what if I tell you that we can also select if we want continuous playback or fusion between songs. Not to mention the option to download the cover of our music or enable playback from the lock screen of our phone .

The App Store is not recognized. 🙁

Pulsar is presented as a good candidate to be the player of those who continue to enjoy their music files, offering options that Google Play Music does not give the user. Besides being totally free, except the equalizer, it comes in Spanish and free of adsWhat are you waiting to try it?

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