People who go into a healthy lifestyle, usually make it a little lost and make mistakes like reaching the starving night. There goes the moral debate with your conscience about whether we should eat something before going to sleep (and after having dinner) or if that will spoil your diet. The reality is that going to bed hungry, besides costing us to sleep, will make us give up good habits to lose weight.

Rest is one of the essential factors to lose weight: if you sleep less than five hours, the hormones that regulate hunger are stimulated and you will wake up wanting to make a caloric and unhealthy breakfast.

From Eat This magazine, Not That! They have collected some foods that will help you fall asleep earlier, they will keep you sated until breakfast and they will build lean proteins while you sleep.

Cottage cheese

In this article we tell you about the benefits of cottage cheese (or cottage cheese) in our body. It is a good idea to take it before going to sleep, since its content in casein helps us to stay satiated for longer. Also, this protein will repair the muscles while you have a peaceful rest.


Many people flee from eating bananas because of their high caloric content. It is a mistake to avoid taking banana or fruit at night, since depending on what type of fruit may be beneficial for our rest. In this case, bananas contain tryptophan, which is an amino acid that favors faster sleep.
In addition, the banana is a fruit that has a high content in the fiber, so it will keep us satisfied longer. If you are one of those who needs to take something sweet before going to sleep, this is your food.

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There are more and more studies that claim that the key to weight loss is in the relationship between intestinal bacteria and weight. The Kefir is a probiotic that helps maintain healthy intestinal bacteria and relieve stomach inflammation. Of course, it also contains tryptophan.

Greek yogurt

This type of yogurt is rich in proteins and low in sugars (as long as we buy it naturally). The protein is responsible for keeping us sated and restoring your muscles while you rest. The American Journal of Physiology published a study in which found that eating protein just before sleep, favors better repair and development of muscles.

Toast with peanut butter

You may be caught by surprise that you can take one of your favorite snacks at dinner. The peanut butter is rich in tryptophan and wholemeal bread is rich in vitamin B, so we have a pretty healthy and appetizing option before going to sleep.
It is proven that peanut butter is one of the foods that promote the loss of fat, has a good contribution in vegetable proteins and monounsaturated fats that will keep you satisfied.

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