Best 12 styles of jewelry
Best 12 styles of jewelry

The jewels are an essential complement to any look, either for day to day or for a special occasion. A good accessory can make you look feminine, elegant, delicate, flirtatious… everything depends on the model you choose. However, there are certain pieces of jewelry that feel better to some people than others, and to be sure to wear a model that goes perfectly with your personality, a good reference is your month of birth. In this list we show you the 12 best gems you should use according to your birth date and so you will always have the right piece.

1January: Necklace of the pearl life tree

Crafted in 18k white gold and sparkling pearls, this necklace of the tree of life is a perfect piece to be used on any occasion. It comes in a beautiful box that makes it perfect to be given to someone special.

For people born in January, this necklace is a garment that will fit perfectly. It is the ideal complement for a special look or simply as a good luck charm.

2February: Adjustable ring with pink stones

Ring made with the best and most resistant materials. Its design is adjustable so you can use it without problems on any finger. Includes two pink Swarovski stones embedded in the ends.

A beautiful and delicate accessory. This ring is perfect to give a touch of elegance to your outfit without losing the simplicity. If you were born in the month of February, you should include this ring in your jewelry collection.

3March: Silver choker with Swarovski stone

Choker style necklace with light blue Swarovski crystal. The chain has a length of 13 inches and is made of resistant material that does not lose its brightness. It also includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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This simple and delicate necklace is the perfect garment to wear in the diary and combine it with any look. If you are one of those who enjoy delicate and discreet jewelry, this necklace is for you.

4April: Infinity handmade bracelet

Handmade bracelet with stainless steel with a design with the infinity symbol. Includes 3 charms with colored stones that you can choose to your liking.

This bracelet is ideal for young women and dreamers, especially if they are born in the month of April. Individual stones can serve as an amulet or a simple reminder of your loved ones.

5May: Tree necklace with precious stones

Long necklace with 18-inch chain, which includes crystal quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, green aventurine, blue vein stone, red agate and amber; symbolizing the leaves of the tree of life.

Perfect for those born in the spring, this necklace is not only a beautiful accessory, it is also a powerful amulet that will help you to balance the chakras and attract good energies.

6June: Swarovski Moonstone sparkling necklace

Beautiful necklace with Swarovski crystal square Moonstone, framed with dozens of small crystals around it. This stone in particular is considered as a symbol of health, happiness and dignity.

Perfect for a gift or for a special occasion like a wedding. This necklace will be well appreciated by anyone who receives it, especially if it was born in the month of June.

7July: Necklace with Shining Heart

Necklace with chain of 15 inches in length and comes in a beautiful gift box. The pendant has a special design with a red heart-shaped stone, bordered by small brightness of the highest quality.

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Perfect for any girl from July, this necklace will make you stand out at all times and show everyone how important love (and accessories) are to you.

8August: 10k gold ring

Beautiful and elegant 10k gold ring with an emerald Swarovski stone. Made with the highest quality, it is a garment designed to last.

With the right size to be discreet enough to be used in the diary, this ring is a significant and delicate detail that you can give to any girl born in August.

9September: 14k gold ring with sapphire

Elegant adjustable 14k white gold ring with a large Swarovski stone in sapphire color, surrounded by small high quality brilliants.

A perfect piece to give to someone special or even as an engagement ring. The sapphire is the stone of people born in September, so it will be a successful garment in every occasion.

10October: Ring with 14k gold opal

The opal is a stone that shines by itself, and this 14k gold ring makes it stand out much more. It comes in one size, so it is adjustable.

Its size and thickness make it comfortable and perfect to use at all times. Its beautiful color and shine give a touch of femininity and beauty to any look.

11November: Bracelet with amber stones

Gold bracelet with two stones inlaid in amber for people born in November. Made with the most resistant materials and of the best quality. Includes satisfaction guarantee

A delicate and elegant garment that combines perfectly with any type of outfit. You can use it alone or accompanied by other bracelets and bracelets that enhance your look.

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12December: Aquamarine crystal necklace

Elegant necklace with striking drop-shaped crystal necklace in aquamarine color with winter style. The chain has a length of 18 inches and does not rust or lose its brightness.

This necklace is perfect for the winter cold of December. A perfect complement for a special occasion or a Christmas gift. It is a jewel that will not go unnoticed.

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