Dom, Tom, Emma Watson and Luke Evans WimbledonFinal
Dom, Tom, Emma Watson and Luke Evans WimbledonFinal

We were wrong, the brothers Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have cheated us and our favorite superheroes have not disappeared, nor have they evaporated like dust, nor are they hidden in the Soul Gem… they were having a binge! Well, no partying, but similar.

This past Sunday the men’s tennis final of Wimbledon was played, between Kevin Anderson and Novak Djokovic, finally coming out with the victory of the last one. The final not only received great guests like the Dukes of Cambridge among its ranks, but also found a great cast of the Disney factory in their seats. The avengers Doctor Strange, Loki and Spider-Man (or what is the same: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland) visited the tournament and enjoyed a hot afternoon watching the final played.

Although separated, each one contemplated the game in good company. Of course, the fans who located the stars realized that Hiddleston had better seats, why is it going to be the God of Deception, right? What I can not escape Loki was Tom Holland’s cell phone. The young man took advantage of his companion’s visit by “hunting” him and showing him to fans on Instagram which spoiler of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom came to the final with his father Dominic, but what could not be expected is that he had two other important characters from the factory: Bella and Gastón. The actors Emma Watson and Luke Evans were also seen by the final, so the joint selfie of those present was mandatory.

A match… strange

Benedict Cumberbatch also witnessed the final (would he see all the infinite possibilities of victory before the match ended?). The actor was accompanied by his good friend Eddie Redmayne (who plays Newt Scamander in the saga ‘Fantastic Animals’). Crossover in sight? We see it as unlikely, but maybe Marvel can give Redmayne a role now that her Phase 3 is ending and she needs new avenging blood. Any ideas?

‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Thanos in comics


The creation of Thanos in the world of comics is due to Jim Starlin, an author who in the 70s went from serving in the army to working in Marvel Comics. Between his two jobs Jim received a higher education in psychology, it was during those classes that he came up with the idea not only of Thanos, but also of Drax the Destroyer and much of the extended family of the villain. In the creation of this new mythology there are two essential factors: the New Gods of Jack Kirby and LSD: Starlin has always recognized his inspiration in the work of Kirby for DC throughout his history of Eternals and Titans, and that Thanos began as a translation of Metron to end up being a reformed version of Darkseid.

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The psychology and the experimentations that were made at that time with lysergic drugs ended up influencing the creator, as Eneko Ruiz Jiménez explains very well in El País.

The curious thing about Thanos’ irruption and all his mythology is that it was done in a hurry and almost by chance. Jim thought he did not have much future in the world of comics, so he took an assignment to write a single issue of ‘Iron Man’ to introduce everything he had in his head at once.

From there, the character would not stop growing in other collections, until ending up becoming the most feared nemesis of all its universe and the protagonist of its own collections.

Needless to say, Jim Starlin’s career was not short, he continues, having become the author specializing in the cosmic characters of all the publishers in which he works.

2The Gems of Infinity

The machinations and plans of Thanos were not always associated with the famous colored stones. Since he was born on Saturn’s moon Titan and it was discovered that he possessed a mutant regressive gene that separated him from the rest of the eternal celestials. Thanos was cultivating a resentment and hatred that led him from the prevailing pacifism in his family to the most genocidal nihilism.

Some of his first actions led him to destroy the vast majority of inhabitants of his natal moon, despite the opposition of his brother Eros (the hero and occasional avenger Starfox). Soon, Thanos became the lover of Death. But not in a figurative sense, Thanos speaks and relates to the anthropomorphic representation of death, a skeletal figure that appears to him and for which the villain performs all his misdeeds.

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After using the Cosmic Cube, he discovered the Gems of Infinity, and the way to use his power through the Guantalete, so his plan to impress his beloved would be linked forever to these objects of power. During the plot of Infinity written by Starlin himself and comprising three sagas of comics, Thanos came to make disappear half of the universe with a snap of fingers, a gesture that is familiar to those of us who have seen the film.

3Family, friends and enemies

Thanos, despite being the ultimate villain, has never been alone. A plethora of secondary characters have accompanied him, persecuted him or both. Everything begins in his own family of Eternos (a superior race of the Marvel Universe), his father Mentor, and his brother Eros, went from being his only allies to his first opponents. And his brother, under the name of Starfox, has remained so until today, often allying himself with the Avengers.

Another threat for Thanos is Drax the Destroyer, whom we met in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, although in his first version he is a modified human and not an extraterrestrial. His motivation is the same, revenge for his family killed by Thanos. Other great enemies of Thanos are Adam Warlock, who will make his debut in the third part of ‘Guardians’ and the first Captain Marvel, who will play Jude Law in the long-awaited ‘Captain Marvel‘.

But Thanos has created a family too. In addition to his girlfriend, Death, he has adopted women such as Gamora and Nebula, tortured to become killing machines, and has even had offspring with a woman belonging to the race of the Inhumans, with which he has sired the fearsome Thane.

In recent years, Thanos has organized a little better, and seen the amount of created enemies, and that absolutely all members of his family have become opponents, has sought new allies among the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy: the Orden Negra or Cullen Obsidian, which we have met in the film, are now the most loyal lieutenants of the Crazy Titan.

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4From the vignette to the big screen

As usual in the transfer of comics to movies, the character has undergone fundamental changes. A story of more than 30 years composed of hundreds of comics turn into a complicated biography. For that reason, those in charge of taking these figures to the cinema try to find the balance between preserving the most famous features of the character and at the same time turning them into something simplified that the occasional spectator can understand without having to do previous readings. In the case of Thanos, his origins and place of birth have been simplified or mentioned vaguely enough to not confuse anyone. It is no longer from a Saturnian moon, but from a planet called Titan, for example.The madness and the overwhelming evil of the character have softened relatively based on creating a traumatic past and a more complex relationship with Gamora. Thanos is a ruthless intergalactic tyrant with a plan, and that makes him completely fearsome on the big screen.

5Now what?

The tremendous finale of ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ has left us in a complicated emotional place, but Thanos has come out very well. Despite having to pay “the highest price”, the last scene of the Titan reminds us of a retired dignitary, happy with the work done and observing the pleasures of a simple life.

But here comes the trick : Where is Thanos in those last scenes? After making his famous snap of fingers we see it in a dimension from which it emerges and later in an idyllic place full of beauty and tranquility. These two locations may well belong to one place, what in the comics is known as “the Soul dimension”, a pocket astral plane that is inside the Soul Gem, and where people who have died are going to rest or have used that artifact of infinite powers.

In the comics, characters like Gamora have survived his death being moved to this dimension, and characters like Adam Warlock have used it as a kind of headquarters. With all this data, it seems that in the highly anticipated ‘Avengers 4‘ everything will start exactly where we left off in this film, and Thanos’ location can become the path that the heroes will have to defeat him. Of course, they will have to use all the elements they have at their disposal.

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