Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface

We return to having as protagonist the supposed “affordable” Microsoft Surface. A device that has been playing for some time now in the form of rumors and that now returns to the scene thanks to another leak that comes to light, we do not know if accidentally or interested.

The goal of Microsoft would be to launch an affordable equipment and for this it is expected that they had to put the scissors and apply cuts in some sections. Screen, processor, finishes…? We will have to wait to confirm the data if at the end they announce their arrival, but what has now come to light is that this development could opt for a basic processor as a platform engine.

Until now we knew that Microsoft was working on the development of a convertible tablet, a product that would look a 10-inch screen. We saw data about the power supply that would be used and now we know aspects related to the processor.

The low-cost version of Surface would opt for mounting in its interior, in the most basic model a Pentium Silver N5000 processor with 4 cores and 4 processing threads at a Base / Turbo frequency of 1.10 / 2.70 GHz, a CoC that would come along with an Intel UHD Graphics 605 GPU. It would be the initial model and apparently there would be an option to choose other Pentium Gold processor.

In this way and to translate into reality, we would find ourselves before a very basic team, ideal for daily tasks that do not require great technical skills. A fair device for many users who do not want to have to pay large amounts of money. Nothing to do with the Intel Core i5 and i7.

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Microsoft can get the game right, but for this it will be necessary to know the starting price. There is talk of a figure close to 400 euros or 500 euros that we do not know if it would be ideal for such a tight specification team.

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