Toxic Relationship
Toxic Relationship

The 7 signs in the bed of a toxic relationship

1.- Insecurities

Low self-esteem, insecurity, fear of loneliness or a history of family violence, can cause you to fall into a relationship of this type.

2.- They only agree on the bed

In case you only agree with your family after making love, we suggest you have the flashing lights, because this is not a good omen.

3.- Fighting becomes the best aphrodisiac

The bad words, the tantrums and even the occasional blow can be the trigger for a good sex session, this relationship has no future.

4.- Sexual chemistry is stronger than your self-esteem

If your sexual connection is stronger than your self-esteem you should think that you are so willing to suffer for that relationship.

5. Sadomasochism in all its splendor

Although the dominant and submissive game was fashionable at the time, the reality is that it is not healthy to think how to annoy someone’s life that you say you love.

6.- No relationship without sex

Toxic couples focus on having sex at every opportunity to keep their relationship afloat.

7.- They crawl in a vicious circle.

Can you think that it is very difficult to leave such a relationship but the reality is that it is not impossible.

In case you feel identified it is important that you seek help from a professional, since this type of relationship can last for many years.

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