Lily Collins American-British actress
Lily Collins American-British actress

We’ve all wondered how the celebrities do to always look super pretty and the truth is that it is not as difficult as you think.

All the girls resort to the basic classics of beauty to reselate our beauty, and the stars are not the exception, check what they are:

The base for makeup is super important to unify the tone of your skin, the trick is to find the one that best goes with your skin tone, so you will get a natural mega look like that of Demi Lovato!

To seal your makeup and get a matte and imperfect skin, use a bit of compact powder like Hailey Baldwin, it will give your skin a velvety effect!

The eyebrows are the most important element of our face, so it is super important that they are well plucked, Lea Michele also uses makeup to give them a more beautiful and natural shape, they will beautify the features of your face instantly!

No matter the length, a good mask for eyelashes will give you the volume and the perfect length to your eyelashes to highlight your cute look, it is a basic that is never missing in the makeup kit of Gigi hadid.

There is nothing like a nice shade of shadows to illuminate your eyes, and Ashley Tisdale knows !, play with the tones and find the one that best matches the color of your eyes, you’ll look gorgeous!

The blush is a basic to balance and color your face, the secret of Selena Gomez to use it, is to choose the right color and apply it in the right amount, otherwise, you could damage the balance of your factions.

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The lips always attract attention, so it is super important that in addition to having them well cared for and healthy, look for lipstick tones in trend that best go with the tone of your skin, you will look as cute as Lucy Hale.

Do not need much to highlight your beauty, dare to use these beauty basics!

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