Oral Sex
Oral Sex

As in the rest of the activities of a person’s life, sex can become routine. Always do the same or in the same way, over time it becomes boring. Interest is lost and until the moment comes to lose the desire or to do it by compromise.

So that this does not happen and couples live sex fully, you have to experiment with variants. Oral sex is a way to connect with the other and get together where you imagine. It can be a pre-sexual intercourse par excellence or that day. That is not relevant if they practice putting all the senses at the disposal so that the climax is the summit of the encounter.

5 ways to do 69

If they are from people who have already tired of placing one on top of the other to do 69, surely this article will be good for them. They will be able to experience new forms without losing the base. And best of all, they will continue to find new sensations with the wonders of oral sex.

1) Semiacostados

One sits on the edge of the bed and pulls the body back leaving the feet resting on the floor. The companion appears from behind crawling like a baby. He arrives with his head towards the genitals and lowers his own to the mouth of the one who is below. Tongues and hips handle the rhythm of this hot sexual posture. Since the body has greater freedom can accompany with other movements.

2) Sideways

Imitating the original 69, but putting each one on one side of the other. Avoid discomfort and it is easier for people who are overweight. Also, cases where there is much difference in size between lovers are favored with this position. None should support the other’s weight and the muscles are more relaxed and relaxed.

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3) Incorporate other stimuli

69 is based on shared oral sex. Stimulating other erogenous zones while kissing the clitoris or the penis is extremely exciting. The hands have absolute freedom to explore and ignite the couple. To stroke the anus and, if they agree, to insert the tip of a finger in it will make them see the stars.

4) Add lubricants or creams

Turning the sexual session into an erotic dessert seems like a movie madness. But it is a reality that the simplest lovers can live. Placing sweet lubricants or homemade creams and then removing them with your tongue and lips is the option. Surely from that day you have cravings for a dessert more often.

5) The acrobats

Those who have more confidence or, better said, have a more prepared body, can stop it. The woman is suspended and takes with her arms the hip of his man. He holds her by the legs and they spend a different minute with wet kisses. Help lean against a wall so that the weight is less.

Whenever there is desire to continue and to know, it is possible to discover new pleasures when talking about sex. Depending on the physical conditions of each person and the elements they dare to use, there are variants to try. It is important to have confidence in the other to propose new ideas. Sometimes, they may simply arise in the same act and others, are planned.

There are couples who are happy sharing plans for the next sexual encounters. They even prepare body and mind for the new experience they intend to perform. Others are delivered and whatever the bodies indicate at that moment. Add sex toys, mirrors, erotic clothes or pornographic videos favors changes.

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The 69 will remain the classic of the classics, there is no doubt. Knowing how to do it in the way that best suits each couple turns 69 into a more interesting act. Not going straight to the posture is also an option that is recommended. The preheating of the bodies with caresses and other stimuli allows double oral sex to be enjoyed.

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