Black Mirror Series
Black Mirror Series

If you do not know what to do during your free time and you want to learn about what technology could bring in the future of humanity, do not miss out on these incredible series that reflect, in a critical way, the evolution of humanity and is not exactly a desired or utopian future … just the opposite.

Next, we show you a compilation of our favorite series. If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to share it with us.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror could not miss this list. The series is not linear, but each episode reflects a terrifying future that is just around the corner.

If technology alienates you, you have to see this incredible production. There could not have been a more accurate series in terms of his criticism of our reality. In a disturbing way, Black Mirror hints at everything that could stand out in the future of humanity.

Can you imagine a reality in which there was the possibility of recording everything you live or that someone can access your most secret memories through a device? All that and more you could find in the series that is available on Netflix.

Mr. Robot

If you want to know more about hackers and computers, do not miss Mr. Robot, a series that you can find through Amazon Prime Video. The series follows Elliot Alderson, a young genius who suffers from social phobia, clinical depression and delusions; He works as a computer security engineer and uses his skills to protect the people he cares about. Elliot is recruited by Mr. Robot, the mysterious leader of a group of hacktivists who wants to destroy powerful multinational entrepreneurs who are controlling the world.

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This series arose to compete with great of the HBO television station like Game of Thrones, but perhaps never it was thought that it would transcend as it has done it until now. An unrivaled production with futuristic and fictitious themes, although not far from reality.

Set in an amusement park, whose members are androids with a human appearance. Thanks to them, visitors can give free rein to their instincts to live any kind of fantasy… however dark it may be.

In short, it is a fictional universe in which humanity can satisfy their needs that perhaps in society are morally frowned upon as killing, having sex with anyone, squandering, among other somewhat disturbing situations. Would you like to be a member of a virtual environment to fulfill your deepest desires?

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley tells the story of Richard Hendricks, who works as a programmer for the Hooli incubator company in the gigantic technology park in the western United States. As part of his work, the protagonist creates a novel software for compressing digital files. You have two options. One is to sell the rights of creation to the company for which you work, the other is to create your own company.

Finally, Hendricks is decided by the second option and just at that moment begin their problems, because Hooli is not willing to let escape an investment that could earn millions of profits.


We know what technological progress is like today, but have you ever wondered what it was like to fight cybercrime through the 1990s? Bugs is a television series that will show you how a computer group had to deal with suspects through obsolete technologies. It is ideal if you consider yourself a lover of science fiction, adventure or police dramas.

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