Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X
Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

iOS 11 is a great operating system, although the problems of instability and performance problems in those iPhone inferior to the tenth anniversary have left it in a not very good place. iOS 12 will come to correct all these problems and to add new features that, although they will look great on iPads and iPhones, we had already seen on Android.

Today, we tell you the 3 great news that iOS 12 will copy to Android and we already know that although iOS stands out for its stability and fluidity, at functional level it has always been behind our favorite operating system.

The 3 new features of iOS 12 that we had already seen

Slashleaks, one of the biggest leakers of today, has leaked the news that will come for the iPhone X, SE 2 and others, meaning all compatible iPhones and iPads. The truth is that it looks pretty good, although we can not avoid remembering Android when we see a large part of the list.

  • Changes in design
  • New notification system
  • New animojis
  • Always On Display mode
  • Black theme
  • New control center

There are three new features of iOS 12 that we had seen on Android, such as the black theme, the Always On mode, and the new notifications, which finally point to being grouped. Currently on iOS, notifications are a disaster and Apple’s own community demanded a change that brings them closer to Android.

As you can see, Apple wants to start making iOS a complete system, and it is currently a large operating system, which is too simple and does not have basic functions like the ones we have listed. Also striking is the confirmation of an iPhone SE 2, a high-end, small-size terminal that would compete directly with the Pixel 3. Undoubtedly, the high-end mid / end of the year is usually the most interesting, so we will be Attentive to what the competition offers.

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