Saddest moments of the movies
Saddest moments of the movies

The most spectacular movies would not be so good if they did not have a key moment. The bad? That key moment is often totally sad and it has broken our hearts in a thousand pieces. There are many movies that have made us cry a lot, but these 10 moments are unforgettable for having made us mega sad. Czech…

1The death of Mufasa in “The Lion King”

We all remember when Mufasa dies at the hands of Scar when he dropped it off a cliff. Really sad!

2The farewell to “ET”

The emotional story that made many cry: Elliot says goodbye to “ET”, since he has to return with his parents to his planet.

3Gwen’s death in “The Amazing Spiderman”

Although Spider-Man tried to save her, her web did not arrive in time and Gwen died when she crashed to the floor. It was a super tragic moment that made us all cry.

4Quasimodo is humiliated in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

It saddened us to see how Cuasimodo is humiliated in public by throwing tomatoes in his face. How bad they were!

5Jessie’s past in “Toy Story 2”

With a melancholy song, Jessie told us how her story went with her former owner, Emily.

6The abandonment of Tod in “The fox and the hound”

This scene makes us cry a lot. Leaving a friend without explanation is an arrow to the heart.

8The death of Rue in “The Hunger Games”

A tender friendship between Katniss and Rue had already formed, so his death hits us directly to the heart.

9Snape’s death in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2”

Although Snape was a villain throughout the movies, in the end he showed us that he only wanted to take care of Harry, that’s why his death hurt us so much!

10Sam’s death in “I’m Legend”

Whenever an animal dies in a movie, it breaks our heart and we cry without being able to contain ourselves. Sam’s death destroyed us. Snif, snif, snif!

Which was the one that made you cry the most?

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