Biggest scandals in beauty pageants
Biggest scandals in beauty pageants

Swimsuits, silly answers and tears of happiness have always been part of the beauty pageants. But what about firearms, drugs, lawsuits, secret pregnancies, lies and international incidents?

These are the 10 scandals that have taken the shine off the beauty pageants:

J Balvin says “no” to Miss USA: In 2015, the Colombian singer decided to cancel his participation in the Miss USA gala after the owner of the contest made a series of xenophobic comments against the Mexican community.”  Donald Trump… with the comment about the Mexicans, it was his hand, as a Latino he has to make us respect,” the Colombian wrote in his Twitter account. “I think music is for fun, it’s for people to have a good time, I’m not a savior and I’m not Robin Hood, but in this case, I feel totally comfortable and responsible with my decision to cancel Miss USA.”The now president of the United States had indicated in his networks: “When Mexico sends its people, it does not send in the best, they are bringing drugs, crime and their rapists.”

John Parra / Telemundo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Robin Marchant / Getty Images
John Parra / Telemundo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Alleged fraud in Miss USA: One thing is that you want to call Donald Trump a cheat, another thing is to prove it.

Sheena Monnin, Miss Pennsylvania at Miss USA 2012, made that mistake after quitting the contest and accusing Trump and other organizers of a conspiracy to fix the results. Although he had signed an agreement with the contest saying he would not defame it, on the night of the election he went to Facebook and called it “fraudulent”, “lacking in morals”, “inconsistent” and “in many ways trash”.

An arbitration hearing found that Monnin was responsible and ordered him to pay $ 5 million to Trump and a judge later confirmed the decision. Monnin then sued his own lawyer and lost that case as well.

Greg Harbaugh / Miss Universe Organization
Greg Harbaugh / Miss Universe Organization

The first Mister Spain openly gay: A few hours after he was awarded the title of Mister Spain 2016, Daniel  Rodríguez declared: “I am gay”.

According to the handsome young man, he did it because he saw that rumors began to roll, and he preferred to clarify it once and for all, but he does not want to use it for or against his career: “I consider myself a homosexual like any other person in this country. There are no qualms. (By declaring me gay) I have not modified anything, “he told El Mundo newspaper in an interview.

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He continued: “First of all, I’m Daniel Rodríguez, I want you to know me as  Daniel Rodríguez, I find pejorative that you are classified as the first Mister Spain who is gay and not to stand out for having won a national contest.”

Leona Gage basically lied in everything: The 1957 Miss World winner won the crown for exactly one day, losing the title after her mother-in-law revealed that she was not only married, but had two children and had lied about her age real. Gage would have met her husband at the age of 13, married at age 14 and had two children at age 18, breaking all the main rules of the beauty contest.The scandal made her a popular media figure for a short time, she participated in some films such as Tales of Terror, published a book, attempted suicide and married six times. Leona died at age 50.

American International Pictures
American International Pictures

Murder of Miss Honduras 2014:  María José Alvarado, Miss Honduras Mundo 2014, and her sister Sofía Trinidad, were reported missing in November 2014, after a few days their bodies appeared lifeless after being murdered.

Plutarco Ruiz, Sofía’s boyfriend, later confessed to the authorities that he had committed the crime.

Police reports indicated that Ruiz argued with his girlfriend when he saw her seen dancing with another man, so he decided to take out his gun and lash out at him, then he also attempted to kill Miss Honduras.

During the Miss World competition, the participants paid a touching tribute to María José.

Alicia Machado’s weight gain: The reign of Alicia Machado as the most beautiful woman in the universe in 1996 stands out without a doubt in all of history.

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After a few months of winning, the Venezuelan began to appear in the press for its obvious weight gain. The most ruthless mocked the fact, and the most fatalistic pointed out that the 18 kilos he had won could cost him the title. In 1997, the president of the Miss UniverseOrganization, Donald Trump, called a press conference in the city of New York in which he exposed Machado to exercise in front of everyone.

When the candidacy of Donald Trump went from being a supposed to a reality and in spite of his offenses and threats towards the Mexicans and Latinos he became the postulate for the Republican Party, Alicia Machado was one of the figures in raising his voice against the businessman, bringing to light the mistreatment he received from him during his year as  Miss Universe .

Machado also participated in some videos of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but her position took a huge dimension after the first debate between candidates

Oksana Fedorova Dismissal: The first Russian to obtain the Miss Universe crown in 2002 took her in the head only for a few months.

The reasons for Oksana’s dismissal are still unclear. According to the president of the contest Paula Shuggart in an interview with the newspaper El Nuevo Día, the Miss never lived in the apartment that they have for the winner in Manhattan, because she went to live with relatives in Long Island and it was very difficult to count on she for the events that she had to fulfill, that made the organization lose a lot of money.

In its place, it assumed the first finalist, the Panamanian Justine Pasek, who was crowned by Donald Trump (for that moment, owner of the franchise) in a press conference.

Closing of the Miss Venezuela for scandal in the handling of the participants: The organization that has accumulated more titles of beauty and records, was involved in a scandal during 2018 that included favoritism towards sentimentally related contestants to businessmen and subjects related to the government of that country, prostitution and abuse.

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After the resignation of Osmel Sousa from the presidency, who was known as “the czar of beauty” was made public precisely because of encouraging the achievements mentioned above, the networks began to be flooded with accusations that ended up causing the “closure” temporary to carry out the relevant investigations.

Finally, the reins of Miss Venezuela were assumed by three former queens who reached international titles: Gabriela Isler, Miss Universe 2013; Jacqueline Aguilera, Miss World 1995; Nina Sicilia, Miss International 1985.

The crime of JonBenet Ramsey: The macabre murder in 1990 of the girl of only 6 years participating in beauty pageants such as: America’s Royal Miss, Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, Little Miss Charlevoix Michigan, Little Miss Colorado, Little Miss Merry Christmas, Little Miss Sunburst and National Tiny Miss Beauty , among others, made many people aware of this type of event in which little girls prepare and dress as adults.

JonBenet was gagged, strangled and sexually abused.

The horrible nature of his murder, along with the poor investigation, the strange ransom note, the suspicion of his parents and the subsequent false confession of a guy who admitted committing the crime when he did not, was accompanied by the strange nature of the girls contests and if that world had something to do with the death of the girl

Coronation error in the Miss Universe 2015: A true chaos was unleashed when the presenter Steve Harvey stopped the celebration of Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez as the 2015 Miss Universe to reveal that she had declared her winner accidentally and that in reality the crown belonged to Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurztbach.

An unprecedented event in the history of the contest, which until today, and surely forever, continues to take its toll on its protagonists.

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