Devin Druid the second season of 13RW
Devin Druid the second season of 13RW

To interpret an act as intense as the one that Tyler lived, meant a great responsibility for Devin Druid

The scene of sexual assault that Tyler lived, has been the most criticized of the second season of 13 Reasons Why, as many argue that the producer has treated him in a super raw, and many argue that it was a necessary scene within the plot.

However, Devin Druid, told Entertainment Tonight the importance of portraying this type of situations in the most real way possible, because that is how young people live them.

“You know, I think people are always going to have opinions about the program and what we do, we can not sweeten or censor it at all because that’s not how these events happen, and I think this is the attempt to portray and make people understand what happens in these unfortunate and tragic circumstances.”

The actor even talked about how he prepared to play the dramatic scene: “As an actor I felt a lot of responsibility to accurately portray the pain and humiliation that one can suffer when attacked in this way, especially with the stigma that surrounds them, aggression sexual with men.

Especially this was a kind of toxic and fragile masculinity, I think it plays an important role in the idea of ​​men being raped, it’s not something people think about a lot. And then, like a male character, who feels this way in a society in which he is told that this should not happen to him, instead of saying that it should not happen to anyone. It is believed that it should not happen to men, but it happens, so how do they feel ?, I think that emotionally, physically and mentally, obviously there must be a lot of pain”.

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After the large amount of negative reviews received the first season, the creators of 13 Reasons Ehy took serious measures, included warnings of scenes with aggressive content, it was recommended to see the series with older people, and even created a helpline.

Do you think these measures are enough? What do you think of the scene starring Tyler’s character?

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