Postures of the Kamasutra
Postures of the Kamasutra

Bathing first

In this position your genitals, literally, will be in the face of the other. If you had a busy day, chances are that your private parts do not smell very good. To not break with the heat of the moment, you can invite your partner to shower together. Thus both will smell rich and will be ready to enjoy the delights of 69.

Rest well

Has not happened to them that even the jaw is locked? To me yes, haha ​​and it feels terrible. Help your hands to not leave all the work to your mouth. The thing is to combine the sensations to give an explosive result. Thus, both you and your partner will enjoy it even more.

Listen and listen

Okay. Okay. With a member in the mouth, talking is not very easy to say, however, if there is something that you are not liking or you think that somehow you may like it more, do not stay quiet. Similarly, stay tuned if your partner wants them to stop the action or change their position.

Up or down?

There are those who like to take control and others who adopt a more passive attitude. Which one do you like best? If you still do not find out, next time look which one you feel most comfortable with, probably your partner, just, like the one you do not so much and can fit better.

Use toys

Imagine that at the same time that you are giving and receiving oral sex, feel a vibration that little by little changes intensity, or a ‘butt plug’ with which you can also receive anal pleasure, do you crave?

  These are the favorite sexual positions of infidel men

These are some of my suggestions to turn 69 into one of your favorite positions, ready to practice it?

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