The ILIFE V8s discount for Amazon Prime Day
The ILIFE V8s discount for Amazon Prime Day

One of the most useful products of the last decade is, without a doubt, the autonomous vacuum cleaner. At the time, this small device revolutionized both the technological world and the cleaning and no wonder, since it was a truly futuristic product that promised to be relentless against dirt.

Today, it has improved considerably from the original design, which has led to the appearance of other bets from rival companies. One of them is ILIFE, responsible for the ILIFE V8sone of the best robot vacuum cleaner value for money now, which is now positioned as a better option even thanks to the Amazon Prime Day.

ILIFE V8s, the robot vacuum cleaner to buy in Amazon Prime Day

According to many of the opinions of the ILIFE V8s that we receive from users, this has become an indispensable device in their day to day. And is that if this was already one of the best bargains of robot vacuum cleaner, now with the 20% discount that has been applied to the Amazon Prime Day and additional coupon of 4 euros V8SCHMTR, it is crazy not to take advantage of and take over the ILIFE V8s.

The technical specifications of this robot vacuum cleaner is another aspect that does not disappoint. And is that thanks to the intelligent planned cleaning system that has the device, the functionality of the ILIFE V8s is close to that of the best roomba on the market.

The advantages of the ILIFE V8s

One of the main advantages of this model of the Asian company is its personalized programming system, which allows a thorough cleaning at different times and days of the week. To make matters worse, the device also boasts a complete set of sensors to operate without problems in a complicated environment or riddled with obstacles.

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In particular, the ILIFE V8s is equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors, height to avoid falls, corner detection and refill sensor. Likewise, its wheels are completely off-road, so it can easily slip through the marble of the living room or the bedroom carpet.

The device has 4 cleaning modes: automatic, maximum level of suction, cleaning edges and corners and spot cleaning of a specific area, being able to switch between them remotely. The ILIFE V8s boasts an approximate operating time of 80 minutes thanks to its 2,600 mAh battery, and the trash compartment it incorporates is 0.75 liters.

In short, it is one of the most interesting devices of its range, both for its price and its specifications, so what are you waiting for to catch it at the best possible price?

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