We all like to look in the mirror and see ourselves defined and muscled. Many people pursue this goal in their gym sessions. However, many times, larger muscles are not synonymous with agility and efficiency. Any goal that is pursued in a healthy way is worthy of respect. Instead, we should always prioritize the true functionality of these objectives and this is precisely the practice of TacFit.

What is TacFit?

The TacFit is a hard training program conducted by firefighters, security forces and military forces in several countries. Treat the security forces as authentic elite athletes and seek an impeccable efficiency of work. These people can face daily situations where they can not be paralyzed. Therefore, a training that prepares them, both physically and mentally, to face any setback is essential. The safety of many people depends, on occasion, on professionals being able to react in time and not get stuck when they get involved in certain events.

How is TacFit practiced?

The TacFit works in different aspects and is included in the HIIT, high intensity training at intervals. Therefore they have a very high intensity with rest intervals, so that the body can recover without risks and, again, give the maximum. In this way, the participants of the sessions are prepared to face possible situations that require immediate action.

Although sessions may vary, TacFit usually focuses on 3 directions: functional training, strength, and mindwork.

The work of functional mobility and strength, allows the athlete to react in different directions when necessary. He works with the skills and the strength of the movements, to enjoy immediate agility. Who practices it, acquires the necessary preparation so that its musculature is the reflection of a real capacity of action. In this way we work with great intensity. However, TacFit has several levels so that those who practice it can gradually acquire the technique. In this way, the risk of injury is reduced by progressively increasing the intensity, weight and difficulty of the exercises.

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On the other hand, in addition to the preparation of HIIT and strength, the TacFit also works the mind. Therefore, the sessions end with the practice of yoga, to work on the ability to cope with stress. In any circumstance, the mind must respond without blockages, and without letting itself be carried away by the stress that it may entail.

Each session begins with a warm-up and ends with the appropriate stretches, so that the body releases the tension and the muscles relax.

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