Messages so they won't let you in sight
Messages so they won’t let you in sight

Has it happened to you that you send a super excited message and they leave you in sight ?, Obviously you feel frustrated and angry, but do not throw yourself into the drama!

Here we leave some super fun messages that will not let you in sight, and also have a super comical moment.

1. Did you die?: It is the best way to start annoying because the messages do not answer you.

2. Do you remember when you loved me?: You already know what drama and suffering look like, lol.

3. “Fhsidnelsjdjaodn”: Letters random to annoy and your cellar does not stop vibrating, up evil!

4. “Goodbye Forever”: A super elaborated message saying goodbye as if you were not going to see your bff anymore, it will get a good smile.

5. Why do you hate me so much?: Nothing like exaggerating and being a drama queen.

6. Memes: They can be random, or dramatic memes, the point is to bother a little.

Now you have the perfect messages to joke and annoy your friends if it takes horrors to answer your messages. Let spam begin!

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