Super cute compliments
Super cute compliments

Believe it or not, they also love being told how beautiful and sexy they are!

That’s why here we leave you some compliments with which we are sure that you will feel super special:

1. You are like the sun, just by getting close to you I melt.

2. A madman like you, needs a screw like me.

3. Walk in the shade, the sun melts the chocolates!

4. If your body were jail and your arms chains, how easy it would be to fulfill my sentence.

5. If beauty were sin, you would be in hell!

6. I would like to be the blood that runs through your body to reach your heart.

7. Temptations like you deserve sins like me.

8. You are not Google but you have everything I look for.

9. For you I will be a thief, and the first thing I will steal will be your heart!

10. I would like to be your pillow so you can hug me every morning.

11. My favorite coffee will always be the one in your eyes.

12. You have a I do not know what, what alters me what I know.

13. On the one hand I like you and on the other, too.

14. The beautiful are not your eyes, are your looks.

15. I was human until your kisses immortalized my soul.

Do you dare to make your lover sigh?

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