Steam Link application
Steam Link application

Valve has officially announced that within a few days it will enable two official Steam applications for mobile devices. One of them will be really special and it will be Steam Link with which we will be able to enjoy any video game from our Steam library on our iOS or Android devices.

This application will be available for download from May 21, and can be used on any compatible phone, tablet or television that uses Android or on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV that have support for it. It will also be necessary to remain connected to a 5 GHz WiFi network or instead to an ethernet network.

This requirement is essential to ensure that the image of the games that are transmitted from the PC to the mobiles is good enough, so that there are no slowdowns or it does not look good enough. Even so, we are looking forward to it being available to test it thoroughly. In addition, it will be compatible with the Steam Controller or any MFI control command.

Of course, this will not be the only application that will appear soon. Valve also plans to launch Steam Video with which users can play the series and movies that can be found on Steam through their iOS and Android devices. It will not be necessary to see them at the moment, so they can be downloaded and played at any time, even if there is no connection.

The exact date in which Steam Video can be downloaded has not been provided at the moment and the only thing we have clear is that it will arrive in summer, so we will have to be a little patient to get it.

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