Spotify and Siri assistant
Spotify and Siri assistant

Despite Siri’s reputation for being a closed assistant, the fact is that year after year we see how Apple opens more and more functionalities that can be integrated into the assistant with iOS 12, Siri opens a bit more to the integration of third-party apps, allowing the control of applications with multimedia content.

What does this mean exactly? That you can ask Siri to play a certain song… in another app that is not Apple Music. According to TechCrunch, this new functionality will be available in iOS 12, since in iOS 11 we can only open multimedia content apps such as Spotify, but not play content using Siri.

Siri Shortcuts, the tool that increases the possibilities of Siri exponentially

All this would not be possible without Siri Shortcuts , the new Apple tool that inherits the Workflow functions to create workflows through Siri in the operating system itself. One of the actions that Siri Shortucts allows is to control the media player of third-party apps. In this way, we could create a workflow like “Play the song ‘Magic’ from Spotify on the iPad Pro when I get home.”

The problem with all this is that it directly clashes with the fact that HomePod does not allow streaming music from platforms other than Apple Music . So we’ll have to wait a few more betas to see exactly how it works and how Apple actually implements it. And of course, Apple Music or Podcasts have a much greater integration with Siri than third-party apps can.

Anyway, it seems that Apple is creating a growing inclusion of Siri in their operating systems, but at the same time, with better and better compatibility with third-party apps as well. Siri is becoming the main axis that integrates all our devices, its operating system and the connection with external apps. An omnipresent brain that is no longer a simple assistant.

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