Nicolas Cage is the new Spider-Man
Nicolas Cage is the new Spider-Man

Nicolas Cage has always stated that his dream was to play a great superhero. He was about to be Superman for Tim Burton, but in the end he had to settle for ‘Ghost Rider‘. The Ghost Rider and its sequel. Until now. The winner of an Oscar for ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ is going to be Spider-Man.

A dark Spider-Man in an animated and “special” movie

Specifically, Cage will give voice to Spider-Man Noir, a dark and cyberpunk version of Spider-Man that comes from the Great Depression of the United States. He will do so in the Sony Pictures Animation film ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’ , which is scheduled for release later this year.

The film, written and produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (‘The LEGO movie’), will focus on the story of Miles Molares, a neighbor of Spider-Man and unique connoisseur of his identity. The trailer shows that a future version of Peter Parker, with the voice of Jake Johnson, as well as Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld) will also appear.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo dismissed from the management duties in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘, have expressed their hope for the project. “We are very inspired to visually tell his story in a way that fits his past, a sensation in the world of comics,” Lord said.

“There’s something about this project that feels special,” Johnson said. What will certainly be special will be to see how an icon like Nicolas Cage is made to become one of the most popular superheroes on the planet.

13 things that you did not know about Nicolas Cage and that will make you love him

2Name change

As his uncle Francis Ford Coppola was already a recognized filmmaker when he began acting, he decided to change his real name, Nicolas Kim Coppola, to Nicolas Cage. The decision was taken, simply, so that, in case of success in his career, it was not attributed to his kinship with such a heavyweight of cinema.

On the other hand, do you know why he decided to put on his surname Cage? The actor is a fan of comics, so he adopted that name in honor of Marvel superhero Luke Cage.

3Own style of acting

According to the critic Roger Ebert, Nicolas Cage has an actor with two speeds: intense and very intense. In addition, he called his interpretive style as operatic, a concept widely used by critics for a while to talk about Cage. As if that were not enough, the actor became aware that he had created a new style of acting, which he decided to define as Shamanico Nouveau. We do not know what such a concept can mean, so we would be very grateful if he decides to write a book about this method, as he himself proposed at the time.

4Late marriage

You may know that Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette were married in 1995 and it took nine months to divorce, but you may not know the story behind (or ahead of) this fact. The actor proposed to Arquette in 1980, the same day he met her, promising to meet all the requirements that she put him to be his spouse. Nic fulfilled the agreed thing, but the actress was frightened and decided to cut by the sound thing in case. In any case, years later they met again and ended up marrying , although the idyll lasted less than a year.

5Mentor of Johnny Depp

If it was not for the good of Nic, Johnny Depp would never have developed his acting career. In the 80s, Depp was dedicated to playing in a band while doing some other jobs of all kinds. It so happened that his wife introduced him to Nicolas Cage, who had just rejected his possible participation in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street‘, so he ended up getting Depp his first role on the big screen. It is well known by all that Depp is one of the actors with the greatest followers, so you know who to thank him for.

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6A possible Aragorn

It’s no joke, Nicolas Cage was offered the role of Aragorn in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. For our fortune, Cage rejected him, because at that time he could not travel and be away from home for three years. It’s not about belittling Nic’s goodness, but the truth is that it’s practically impossible to imagine him performing that role. In addition, the actor is glad for not having accepted, because that way you can enjoy the film as a spectator.

7A very special delicacy

In the movie ‘Vampire Kisses‘, Nicolas Cage ate a real cockroach, so the scene surpassed fiction. This is what he said about it: “No muscle in my body wanted to do it, but I did it anyway.” Rich delicacy

8Your son is Superman

Another proof of his love for the world of comics is his son, whom he called Kal-El, the original name of Clark Kent. Although Cage says he called his son that way because he is a symbol of kindness, originality and the United States of America, the reality is that the jokes at the expense of his poor son have been a few.

9Goodbye to the molars

What is the ideal way to put yourself in the shoes of the soldiers who had to fight in Vietnam? According to Cage, pulling four teeth is the way to go. Or at least that’s what he did during the filming of ‘Birdy’, Alan Parker’s movie. Obviously, they were not far from the script’s requirements.

11In the ruin

A fiscal investigation uncovered in 2009 that Nicolas Cage owed seven and a half million dollars to the public treasury of the United States. Instead of paying, the actor continued to accumulate debts, reaching in 2013 a whopping 11.3 million. He alleged that his accountant did not notify him of such losses. To get out of the pothole he had to sell practically everything, many of his cars and even the first Superman comic.

12The hallucinogenic mushrooms and their cat

The unusual acts performed by Cage are infinite. He himself declared in a television program that, when he found his cat eating some hallucinogenic mushrooms from the fridge, he decided to join him to sink together in the psychotropic trip. It seems very strange, but of course, if I had them in the fridge, it was clear that sooner or later I was going to have to use them.

13Refusal to medication

Cage vehemently rejects the use of any type of medication. It may not be mortal or simply immune to pain, but this is just another example of the personality we are dealing with. Nicolas Cage is unique, for better and for worse, so if he decides not to take medication he will have his reasons and we will have to love him anyway.


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